SPONSORED: Take your baking to new heights with Eureka Mills products

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SPONSORED: Take your baking to new heights with Eureka Mills products

If you fell in love with making your own breads and baked goods during hard lockdown, or if baking has always been your favourite hobby then you know the importance of using the very best ingredients. Like Eureka Mills stoneground flour.

As any professional will tell you, the first step in making great food is using the very best ingredients. Eureka Mills are South Africa’s pioneer in stoneground flour and they have been honing their skills in the craft of milling for 23 years.

It all began in 1998 when two local farmers sought to add value to the wheat they produced. They set up a rudimentary flour mill in their shed and soon realised the demand for stoneground flour was huge. The mill slowly expanded, and the team decided to take in wheat from other farmers in the district, via the local co-operative (Sentraal-Suid Kooperasie), to ensure consistent production capacity. Thus, Eureka Mills was born.

Supporting local

Staying true to its roots, Eureka Mills use only locally cultivated, Southern Cape wheat of the highest quality. This is because they believe in the importance of supporting local agriculture and commerce. Their mill and production facility is based in the Southern Cape, so they source their wheat locally, literally from the silos which are 1.2 kilometres from their location. Eureka Mills proudly aligns itself with the local co-operative and in doing so, they support local farmers. In addition to this, all wheat cultivated in South Africa is GMO-free

Why choose stoneground flour?

Stoneground flour ensures that no components are extracted from or added to the flour. Therefore, the flour retains all the wheat germ, natural oils, vitamins and enzymes. Eureka Mills don’t extract the very fine flours during the milling process, as some other mills do to make self-raising flour or baking powder. The fine flours which are retained give their flour products a baking quality that’s popular with artisan bakers and home-bakers alike.

Range of products

Eureka Mills has a range of products for avid bakers, amateur bakers and those who love sweet treats in general.

For the bakers: 

Eureka Mills has a range of flours including:

White bread flour
Cake flour
Brown bread flour
Wholemeal flour
Pure Rye Flour

For the amateur bakers (or for the days when you’re feeling a little lazy)

There is a range of easy mix products that include both sweet and savoury treats. These include:

Pizza Base
Beer Bread
Buttermilk Rusk

For those with a sweet tooth

If you are looking for ready-made treats, Eureka Mills also has a range of rusks and cookies. These include:

Buttermilk rusks
Muesli rusks
Bran rusks
Rye rusks
Choc chip cookies
Ginger cookies
Coconut cookies

Win a Eureka Mills baking hamper worth R1500

Eureka Mills is giving away a hamper to one lucky TASTE reader. The hamper includes:

1kg Cake stoneground flour
1 kg Brown Bread stoneground flour
1 kg White bread stoneground flour
1 x Choc Chip Cookies
1 x Buttermilk Rusks
Proving Basket
Rolling Pin
Branded Apron
Rusk tin

Click here to enter.

Learn more about Eureka Mills at eurekamills.co.za

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