SPONSORED: why the new GUESS fragrance for men should be on your to-buy list

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SPONSORED: why the new GUESS fragrance for men should be on your to-buy list

Global lifestyle brand, Guess has launched their second fragrance for men, GUESS UOMO ACQUA. This fragrance is inspired by the duality of unpredictable and calm that the Mediterranean sea is known for. Think you’re the GUESS UOMO ACQUA man? Scroll below to read more on this daring fragrance.

Building on the GUESS brand’s strong men’s fragrance pillar, GUESS UOMO ACQUA is the second fragrance to join the GUESS UOMO collection. Continue the UOMO story from the Casino to the Sea. Just as free-spirited and confident as before, GUESS UOMO ACQUA offers a bold new expression of freshness through its olfactive ode to the Mediterranean.

This woody aromatic fragrance redefines masculinity into a refreshed natural state encapsulating reviving lemon, captivating juniper aromatics, and grounding sandalwood into one scent.

Fresh – Illuminating – Adventurous

Top Notes: Cardamom, Lemon, Cucumber
Middle Notes: Sage, Cypress, Juniper
Base Notes: Salted Seamoss, Sandalwood, Palo Santo

“I was inspired by the concept of duality and the different characteristics of the ocean. I knew this fragrance had to have the ability to be both calm and wild in spirit. I used cardamom and the smoke of palo santo to symbolize the roughness and strength of the sea. The calmer more serene ingredients like clary sage, cucumber and woods symbolize the ‘no wake zone’ peaceful and meditative. Together they create the perfect harmony that encompasses the diversity of the sea and the UOMO man,” says Perfumer Clement Gavarry of Firmenich

Following the richly crafted GUESS UOMO design, GUESS UOMO ACQUA maintains the Italian architecture-inspired silhouette to continue the mix of heritage and modernity. GUESS UOMO ACQUA separates itself from the preceding bottle with its striking turquoise-coloured glass bottle reminiscent of the Mediterranean waters. Gold accents and the GUESS UOMO ACQUA logo complement the European aquatic stylization.

Available in Woolworths stores. 

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