Sponsored: Woolies’ veg, 3 ways

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Sponsored: Woolies' veg, 3 ways

Chopped, diced, prepped – Woolworths has the no-excuses answer to eating your greens (and reds, yellows and oranges…)


The juice-it, blend-it revolution is here to stay. And for good reason.

Skip the chore of shopping and chopping for the perfect combinations, Woolies’ additive-free, easy-to-juice packs contain prepped and combined cucumber and kale; carrot and ginger; cucumber and passion fruit; and beetroot, apple and mint, all you have to do is juice or blend them and you’re good to go.



Lunch has just become a whole lot more colourful and convenient.

Look out for Woolworths’ eye catching packs of fresh, layered, easy-to-cook veg packs, which are ready to microwave or pan-fry. The time-saving range includes five varieties, among them:
• corn, carrots, green beans and butternut spaghetti;
• butternut and baby marrow spaghetti with cauliflower florets;
• sweetcorn, carrots, peas, baby marrow and spinach, each with its own flavoured butter.



A stir-fry is a quick, flavour-packed dinner solution promising a bounty of colourful vegetables.

The secret – and the time-consuming bit –is chopping the veg uniformly to ensure even cooking. That’s why Woolworths’ ready-to-cook range of fresh stir-fry mixes is so convenient – they’ve done all the work for you. Plus, the sauces, such as aromatic coconut or classic sweet and sour, now taste less sweet and salty.


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