Sponsored: you say potato …

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Sponsored: you say potato ...

… we say it’s a delicious, versatile and hearty staple available in myriad exotic shapes and shades at your nearest Woolworths.


These potatoes have a firm, waxy texture and are perfect for any dish in which you don’t want your potato to break apart. They hold their shape well and have a velvety texture.

Best suited for: potato salads and roast potatoes


This potato has an earthy, nutty flavour and low sugar content, which means it keeps its dramatic hue when used to make crisps or when roasted. Its flesh is moist and firm, and it retains its shape well after cooking.

Best suited for: salads, roast potatoes and crisps


Floury and subtly sweet, this spud is low in moisture and high in starch. It also lends itself well to making deliciously crispy wedges and chips, as well as potato bakes.

Best suited for: mash, gnocchi and potato wedges


This variety is similar to its Blue companion and has a floury texture. It works well when thinly sliced to make round chips, or when roasted and added to a fresh salad.

Best suited for: salads and roast potatoes


Grilling this potato will yield a crispy skin and lend it a slightly sweet, caramelised flavour. Its velvety, dense flesh and low starch content make it particularly suitable for boiling and roasting.

Best suited for: slap chips and grilled potato


These potatoes include a variety of spuds that are grown in the most natural way possible. They’re floury in texture and best suited to baking and mashing.

Best suited for: chips and potato wedges

Salad Blue and Highland Burgundy Red potatoes will be available for a limited period only at selected Woolworths stores between 14 and 27 December 2015.

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