8 stellar strawberry recipes

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8 stellar strawberry recipes

It’s strawberry season! Looking for ideas to use up your punnet of berries? We’ve got 8 brilliant strawberry recipes – from strawberry desserts and snacks to strawberry drinks and even savoury strawberry dishes. Dig in!

When it comes to fruity flavours, strawberries are the MVPs. There’s nothing like strawberry jam on toast, the romance of chocolate-dipped strawberries, or the nostalgia of a thick strawberry milkshake with a burger. Wondering how to make the most of your punnet? These eight strawberry recipes are a great start.

1. Breakfast of champions: strawberry porridge

Adding roast strawberries to cereal such as porridge, chia seed pudding or oats will make you feel like you’re having dessert for breakfast. Roasting strawberries intensifies their sweetness, making them the perfect addition to creamy dishes. The ingredients are super basic but the flavour will blow you away!  Get the recipes for creamy barley vanilla porridge here. 

2. Tea-time treat: Strawberry scones

No need to book high tea at a fancy café or hotel, this easy strawberry scone recipe is five star! It produces soft, buttery, flaky scones, and the pairing of rose-water and strawberries is a match made in heaven.

Strawberry scones Get the recipe for strawberry scones here. 

3. Something for the kids: strawberry lassi

For this lassi, we’ve gone for coconut milk and buttermilk, but feel free to add frozen bananas to make it thicker, or a drop of rose-water or some cardamom to take the flavour in a new, sophisticated direction. This is a refreshing drink the kids will be sipping all summer long. Frozen strawberry lassi Get the recipe for frozen strawberry lassi here. 

4. Savoury saviour: strawberry salad

Strawberries aren’t just for sweet recipes, they can add brightness to savoury meals, too. Creamy cheeses such as goat’s cheese and feta are a fantastic pairing for the tart berries. Add some crunch with salad leaves and make a quick strawberry vinaigrette that’s sharp, acidic and sweet. Get the recipe for green salad with strawberries here. 

5. Midweek dessert: strawberry cobbler

Hope you saved room for dessert! This classic dessert, popular in the American south, is super easy to make and will satisfy your sweet tooth. It takes just 10 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to bake. If you have a few apples in your fruit basket, add them to the mix, too.  Get the recipe for strawberry-and-apple cobbler here. 

6. Waste not: strawberry top pesto

Don’t throw away the tops of your strawberries – they’re a great way to bulk up green sauces and pesto. This chunky dip features sunflower seeds, chilli, mint, parsley and lemon juice alongside strawberry tops. It’s a great way to use up the whole fruit – we bet you didn’t know you could do that! Celery bites with strawberry-top pesto recipe Get the recipe for strawberry-top pesto here. 

7. The showstopper: strawberry meringue pie

When you’ve made an effort with the mains, you want to finish strong! Pull out all the stops with this strawberry meringue pie. It’s our summer-approved version of lemon meringue pie and is likely to become a classic in your home. You can bake it as we have, in a large cake tin, or make mini individual pies. Strawberry-curd-meringue-pie Get the recipe for strawberry curd meringue pie here. 

8. Beyond summer: strawberry jam

If you want to preserve strawberries, you can’t go wrong with home-made jam. Strawberries go best with warm spices but you can swap the spices for rose-water, hibiscus or herbs such as mint or basil. Stovetop spiced strawberry jam Get the recipe for stovetop spiced strawberry jam here. 

Find more berry recipes here. 

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