Sundae best

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Sundae best

There are few things that beat the thrill of indulging in an old-school sundae. Go naughty with all the classic accessories, or nice with a few sensible swaps.


The ice cream

Go totally old school with good ol’ almond-studded, choc-sauce rippled tin roof ice cream or go the more conscientious route with a scoop or two of carb clever vanilla ice cream.

The toppings

Feeling decadent? Smash some Chuckles for a malty, chocolatey sprinkle, or crumble over some vanilla and strawberry coconut ice Trying to be good? Opt for raw flaked almonds or raw coconut chunks.

The sauce

If you’re going the sinful sundae route, half measures just ain’t gonna cut it, so drizzle LIBERALLY with toffee sauce. We’re talking dripping-all-the-way-onto-the-table liberally. Alternatively, drizzle with a mix of almond butter and honey.

The grand finalé

Take it all the way back with a glacé cherry or two, or update the ice-cream parlour icon with shards of almond butter brittle. Also, can’t go wrong with some fresh seasonal fruit for a bit of wow factor.

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