Baking with sweet potato: 3 recipes that prove it can (and should!) be done

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Baking with sweet potato: 3 recipes that prove it can (and should!) be done

Use sweet potato in your next baking soirée for a boost in flavour and texture.


There’s more to the humble sweet potato than mash and slap chips. Thanks to its earthy, sweet flavour, it is perfect addition to cakes and bakes. Not only is it a great way to add more fibre and nutrients to baked goods, it also means you can reduce the amount of sugar used in traditional recipes.

Talk about a versatile vegetable!

Sweet potato malva pudding with nut brittle

Sweet potato bakes: malva

We’re not ones to mess with a good thing, but if a traditional malva pudding and an American sweet potato pie had a love child, this would be it. It’s still full of the traditional flavours you know and love, just a little bit different. Plus, using sweet potato in a malva pudding means you can reduce the amount of sugar.

Get the sweet potato malva pudding recipe here

Sweet potato brownie loaf

Sweet potato bakes: brownie

If you like a traditional brownie but want to try a different version that has a lovely earthy flavour thanks to the chickpea flour, this is for you. You’ll also love the dense, cake-like texture.

Get the sweet potato brownie loaf recipe here

Sweet potato-and-coconut cake with date “butter”

Sweet potato bakes: cake

This moist cake is really easy to make – and no-one will even notice the vegetables! Plus, it’s gluten- and wheat-free.

Get the sweet potato-and-coconut cake with date “butter” recipe here

Sweet potatoes are nature’s ultimate comfort food. What’s more, you can now find three new varieties at Woolies. Sourced abroad for their amazing taste and texture and grown locally in the foothills of the Magaliesberg and Ceres mountains, the new range includes Kara orange- and white-fleshd as well as Kara purple-skinned sweet potatoes. Try them all to find your favourite.

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