Sweet-potato toast, what’s that?

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Sweet-potato toast, what's that?

What are those crazy millennials Instagramming these days?

Yet another #glutenfreelifehack, folks are thinly slicing sweet potatoes and popping them into the toaster until soft and bronzed. And posting the results on social media, obvs. We gave it a bash and quite fancied the way it turned all crispy-edged and caramelised on the outside and squishy-soft inside.


Using a mandolin or sharp knife, slice washed sweet potato into 3 mm-thick slices. Pop the slices into the toaster and toast until golden. You might need to toast them two to three times.


Make yours the sweet-potato toast with the most


Flip your breakfast routine with a crisped up, olive oil- fried egg and a drizzle of sriracha.


Answer the call of the snack attack with a good smear of Marmite on your toastie.


Toast for dessert? Why not, we say. Sweeten the deal with maple syrup and sliced strawberries.


The rich, velvety texture of cream cheese with the peppery crunch of thinly sliced radishes? Yes, please.
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