Sweet treats for when you’re stuck indoors

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Sweet treats for when you're stuck indoors

With just a few pantry staples (peanut butter, coconut milk and Caramel Treat), you can conquer that sweet tooth without leaving the house.

Ginger biscuits with peanut butter

What if we told you these tasty little treats will take you 10 minutes to prepare, 7 minutes to bake and use only five ingredients? This is not a drill. Get the recipe here.

Easy pavlova caramel stack

Got eggs and caster sugar in your pantry? You’ll be just fine. It will take under 20 minutes to whip up your whites and an hour to bake. Smear your pavlova generously with Caramel Treat. Get the pavlova recipe here.

No Caramel Treat? No problem! Make your own homemade salted caramel.

Caramelised fruit with vanilla coconut milk

If your sweet tooth isn’t raging but a tasty little treat will do, this is the recipe for you. 10 minutes and it’s all yours. Get the recipe here.

Toasted coconut hot chocolate

If you haven’t eaten that slab of chocolate yet, don’t! Put it to better use. And by better use, we mean this toasted coconut hot chocolate. Bonus points for adding star anise and cinnamon for the most decadent spicy treat you’ll taste this week. Get the recipe here.

After the spicier version? Try this recipe for spiced caramel hot chocolate.

Lemon curd-and-caramel yoghurt swril

This is your last resort speaking. Two to three ingredients and ready in under 5 minutes. On your marks…
Get the recipe here.

Like what you see? Discover more reasons to use Caramel Treat here and sweet ways with peanut butter here.

Browse 25-minute sweet treats here.

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