• The female sommelier behind Cape Town’s coolest new wine bar

    Penelope Setti is no newcomer to the wine scene. Having made a name for herself as the general manager and sommelier for Chefs Warehouse, she’s now opened her own spot, Penny Noire. We chat to her to find out her journey into wine, how she dealt with the most recent booze ban and what she’s drinking now.

  • The wine-drinkers beer guide

    Fact: wine lovers who don’t drink beer are missing out. Wine and beer are, in fact, a great match. Jon Meinking asked the pros for their advice on which beer should chase your favourite bottle of wine

  • Which wine glass to use when

    Sure, you can quaff your favourite wine from an all-purpose glass filled to the brim (no one is judging). But the truth is the shape of the glass (and the level you fill it to) really can enhance the flavour of different varietals.

    Here’s how to unleash your inner wine snob.