• A beginner’s guide to ceviche

    A beginner’s guide to ceviche

    We can all agree that summer is the season for eating fresh, unfussy foods. Like ceviche, the Latin American dish (widely considered Peruvian) of fish or seafood cured in lime juice. Strike your fancy? Here are the basics to making your own ceviche at home, plus a special recipe guide to get you started.

  • Electricity-free cooking

    Electricity-free cooking

    You might find it hard to believe, but loadshedding actually has its merits. It not only forces us to use electricity wisely, but it can also inspire us to become more creative cooks. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, after all – so grab your apron (and perhaps some matches, too!)

  • Braai like a vegetarian

    Braai like a vegetarian

    Ditch the vleis and wors this Heritage Day. Fire up your grill and take your pick from our selection of flavoursome vegetarian recipes that are perfect for braaiing. They’re so good you won’t even miss the meat, we promise!

  • 15 bites to serve before a braai

    Whether you’re having friends over to watch rugby or you’re simply looking for easy eats to serve before a braai, we have the perfect bites to celebrate each occasion in style

  • 8 weeknight dinners ready in 20 minutes

    8 weeknight dinners ready in 20 minutes

    We guarantee that you’ll spend far less time in the heat of your kitchen with these fuss-free weeknight dinners. What’s more, they’re super delicious and each one will take you less than 20 minutes to cook.

  • 6 easy foods to entertain with

    6 easy foods for entertaining

    Let’s face it: entertaining isn’t always easy as pie and impressing your guests can be a living nightmare. The next time you’re entertaining a crowd, turn to these easy entertaining foods that are sure to earn you the accolade “the host with the most”.