Take a leaf: 3 fresh alternatives to the traditional wrap

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Take a leaf: 3 fresh alternatives to the traditional wrap

Crunchy, fresh leaves are delicious, high-fibre alternatives to pitas and tortillas.

Here’s what to look for…


Preferably use baby cabbage leaves but if you have a bigger cabbage, soften the leaves by briefly steaming them, immersing in ice-cold water, draining and drying on kitchen paper. Slice off the thick part of the leaves, fill and secure with toothpicks.

Try: Tamarind chicken cabbage wraps with pistachio pesto or crispy pork in cabbage leaves.


Kale and Swiss chard are a substantial alternative to your favourite carby wrap but, as with cabbage, you might also have to steam the leaves and refresh in ice-cold water first. Choose leaves large enough to wrap around the filling and remove very thick or sturdy ribs – if you don’t, they’ll tear when you fold the wrap.


Choose lettuce varieties with firm, sturdy, cup-shaped leaves (iceberg and little gem are good choices) that are deep enough to hold the filling. Keep the fillings light and low on liquid to prevent wilting. Sautéed chicken, crispy pork, and lentils and yoghurt are perfect.

Try: Thai red chicken curry lettuce cups or lettuce wraps with smoked trout and avocado.

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