Take your pick from the Woolies deli section

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Take your pick from the Woolies deli section

Whether your goal is packing lunch for school or work, there’s no beating the addition of a meaty snack to keep the hunger pangs at bay.


Woolworths’ range of deli meats is ideal and contain no MSG. Take your pick from tasty viennas, biltong snack sticks, salami bites and sliced meat such as smoked ham or pastrami, then combine them with fresh fruit and veggies, a square of cheese, nuts and a creamy spread like hummus.

And if you really want to lift your meal-prep game, a small batch of home-made meatballs, made using extra lean, free-range beef mince, will go a long way towards making lunchtimes easy and tasty.

Serving suggestion

Mix 500 g free-range beef mince with 1 finely chopped red onion, 3 minced garlic cloves, 10 g chopped Italian parsley, 1 free-range egg, 2 T breadcrumbs, 1 t smoked paprika and 1 t ground cumin. Season and roll into bite-sized balls. Fry until cooked through and serve with Dijon mustard, tzatziki, green olives and capers.

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