Tempeh takeover: 2024’s must-have plant-based ingredient

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Tempeh takeover: 2024's must-have plant-based ingredient

Want to level up your plant-based game? Add tempeh to your recipe rotation. Unlike tofu, tempeh is a lot more firmer making it a great alternative for sausages, nuggets and patties. You won’t run out of ideas this veganuary with tempeh, here’s how we’re using this underrated ingredient.

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It’s possible to cut down on your meat consumption without depriving yourself of your favourite foods. Woolworths’ extended PlantLove range now includes mini tempeh sizzlers, herbed tofu and crumbed savoury soya bites. Made using soya beans, this range will challenge everything you think you know about meat-free cooking. Gone are the days when tofu and tempeh were just punchlines – when plant-based is this good even hardened carnivores will want a bite.

Fresh & crunchy soya rainbow slaw 

Woolworths’ crispy crumbed, bite-sized, nugget-shaped pieces of seasoned soya are packed with plant-based deliciousness that even kids will enjoy. Air fry or oven bake to get that crispy exterior and serve with a dipping sauce or use them together with Woolworths tempeh sizzlers to bulk up a salad.

Get the recipe for fresh & crunchy soya rainbow slaw here.

Tofu poké bowl 

Looking for a plant-based alternative to fishy or meaty poké bowls? Use tofu! Tofu absorbs flavours well, so the trick to getting it super flavourful is to marinate it. We’ve added a few dashes of fish sauce to get that salty, fishy and umami flavour but you can level up by adding nori to the marinade too. Serve with avo, crunchy leaves, noodles and a punchy sauce to complete your plant-based poké bowl.

Get the recipe for tofu poké bowl here. 

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Photography: Sadiqah Ismail-Assur
Recipe: Brita du Plessis
Food assistant: Josh van Zyl

Woolworths Tempeh is made with fermented soya beans, mushroom nutty in flavour and readily absorbs flavours of other ingredients when used in recipes.

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