The 10 most popular recipes in June 2023

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The 10 most popular recipes in June 2023

We’ve all heard the phrase “you eat with your eyes first” and TASTE readers took this and ran with it. Our social media videos drove you to click the link in bio. Whether it was potato salad, frikkadel soup or easy pasta, if we made it on camera, you were sold!

10. Tomato rigatoni

This pasta bake features all of our favourite Italian flavours. It’s a hearty dish with a deep, rich and slow-cooked Bolognese, crispy prosciutto, creamy burrata and rigatoni pasta. It may not be on your menu every week, but this payday splurge makes a great case for pasta bakes.

Get the recipe for tomato rigatoni here.

9. Parmesan-crusted potato wedges

Cheese and potatoes are an undefeated combo. These air-fried wedges were meant for dipping. We’ve gone with Parmesan, but go wild with flavour combos: toss Abby potatoes in curry powder and dip them in chutney, or toss them in chipotle spice and dip them in guacamole. We’re obsessed with the shape of these potatoes and you clearly were too! Get the recipe for Parmesan-crusted potato wedges here. 

8. Green Nicola potato salad

If our stats are anything to go by, South Africans love a potato salad – and our potato salad recipe guide just keeps on growing. Potato salad is the most fail-safe side to bring to a dinner party or braai. It may be the season of hearty stews and soups, but this green Nicola potato salad has us counting the days to spring.

Get the recipe for Green Nicola potato salad here. 

7. Boerewors lasagne

For her Instagram reel series, deputy food editor Khanya Mzongwana revisited one of her favourites (and yours) – boerewors lasagne. Instagram follower @shelsgreen commented, Miracle worker! Can’t believe I never thought to remove sausage casing like that before. I’ve been squeezing and sweating and swearing for too long. Thank you! This was a hit on the Gram and hopefully in your home.

boerewors lasagneGet the recipe for boerewors lasagne here. 

Looking for more brilliant ways to serve wors? Browse our sausage recipe guide here.

6. 3-ingredient mussel pasta

If you’re not following us on TikTok, you’re missing out! Food Director, Abigail Donnelly, shared her speedy pasta dish that uses canned mussels and is ready in just under 10 minutes. Loadshedding looming? This is the recipe to make.

3-ingredient mussel pastaGet the recipe for 3-ingredient mussel pasta here. 

5. Frikkadel soup with dumpling lid

A popular recipe round-up in June isn’t complete without two things: steamed bread and soup. Khanya’s recipe has the best of both. It’s a great recipe to follow if you’re looking for ways to clear up any wilting vegetables in the fridge and her frikkadel hack is brilliant for those looking to stretch a tray of Woolies frikkadels to the max.

Frikkadel soup with dumpling lidGet the recipe for frikkadel soup with dumpling lid here. 

4. Double-cooked smashed potatoes

Your next Sunday roast needs these double-cooked smashed potatoes. They’re golden, and crispy and the use of Apache potatoes gives them a buttery texture that’s begging to be paired with gravy and roast chicken.

Get the recipe for double-cooked smashed potatoes here. 

3. Envy™ Apple turnovers

TASTE readers are putting their air-fryers to good use. It’s not hard to see why. There’s an ease about air-fryer recipes that make any dish designed for them approachable and achievable. If you’ve only used your air-fryer to make savoury mains and quick snacks, try making these apple turnovers. You don’t have to be a pro baker to ace the recipe.

Get the recipe for Envy™ Apple turnovers here. 

Want more air-fryer recipes? Check our recipe collection here.

2. Envy™ apple cinnamon buns

There’s something about a steaming mug of tea or coffee and a sweet cinnamon bun on a cold winter’s day. These cinnamon buns also contain Envy™ apples and chopped walnuts. The result? Soft, pillowy buns that will leave you licking icing off your fingers and deliberating about whether you should reach for another. Get the recipe for Envy™ apple cinnamon buns here. 

1. Granadilla tres leches cake

For Eid al-Adha, food blogger Saadiyah Hendricks shared a recipe she’s been making for years. It’s such a favourite among her friends and family that they even have a WhatsApp group chat dedicated to the Mexican cake. Whether you were doing last-minute Eid prep or simply craving something sweet, this was the perfect recipe to make this June.

Granadilla Tres Leches cakeGet the recipe for granadilla tres leches cake here.

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