The 10 most popular recipes in May 2023

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The 10 most popular recipes in May 2023

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when then weather turns cold, we turn to comfort food. Evidence of this can be seen in this month’s most popular recipes. Normally the top recipes are in line with what we post on our social media, but this month you went straight to the site to find the most warming, comforting dishes. Bookmark this post, these recipes will definitely get you through winter!

10. Golden soup

Siba Mtongana knocked it out of the park with this one. This soup is wholesome, slightly spicy and ready in 40 minutes (prep and cooking time included!). Plus, it’s vegan so if you’re following that diet, doing meat-free Mondays, or cutting down on your meat consumption for budget purposes, this recipe is a winner.

Siba's golden soup

Find the recipe for golden soup here.

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9.Umngqusho neembotyi (samp and beans)

Samp and beans is one of those beloved dishes that feel like you’re being hugged from the inside. TASTE food editor Khanya Mzongwana’s recipe is super-easy to make. She recommends having it with a stew or on it’s own as a satisfying dinner.


Find the recipe for umngqusho neembotyi here.

8. Beef stew

Classic recipes always do well on the site, and we totally get it. They are tried, tested and have a touch of nostalgia. Food director Abigail Donnelly shares her classic beef stew recipe that hits all those notes. Enjoy it with mashed potatoes or steamed rice for maximum comfort.

beef stew

Find the recipe for beef stew here.

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7. Creamy smoked mushroom pasta

This is a recipe we posted on our social media and the response was incredible. Created by TASTETube host and product developer, Zandile Finxa, many of you expressed your amazement at the recipe. A few people made it and reported successful results. Bonus, the dish comes together in just 10 minutes.

Creamy smoked mushroom pasta

Find the recipe for creamy smoked mushroom pasta here.

6. Cauliflower soup with cheesy garlic bread

This recipe by contributing food editor Hannah Lewry is also done in 30 minutes. This is a great way for those who don’t have gas stoves to make a decadent soup before the power goes off. Even if you have gas, you should definitely make this soup, it will always hit the spot.


Find the recipe for cauliflower soup with cheesy garlic bread here.

5. Dombolo

Dombolo usually ranks high on our site, but we have seen a surge in interest in this recipe by Siba Mtongana in May. We get it, soft pillowy dombolo nestled in a steamy stew is definitely our idea of heaven in winter.

Dombolo (dumplings)View the recipe here.

Find the recipe for dombolo here.

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4. Beetroot red velvet cake

Mother’s Day fell in May and last year TASTETube host Keletso Motau made a showstopping red velvet cake. You clearly loved it, as many of you returned to this recipe this year, so much so that his recipe broke into the top 5!

Beetroot red velvet cake

Find the recipe for beetroot red velvet cake here.

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3. Pumpkin fritters

It’s Sam Woulidge’s belief that these pumpkin fritters are best eaten piping hot while standing around the kitchen table. We’re certain that you’ll also be tempted to eat these the same way.

Pumpkin fritters recipe

Find the recipe for pumpkin fritters here.

2. Oxtail stew

Oxtail is good all year round, but it does hit different in winter. While there are a number of oxtail recipes on our site, most of you gravitated towards Mogau Seshoene, a.k.a. The Lazy Makoti’s, recipe for oxtail stew.


Find the recipe for oxtail stew here.

1. Chicken broth with brown rice and egg

Chicken broth is flavourful, versatile and can warm your bones. No wonder this recipe by Hannah Lewry reached the top spot! This version is served with brown rice and egg to make it extra special.

Find the recipe for chicken broth with brown rice and egg here.

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