The drink that keeps summer alive: aguas frescas

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If you’ve ever been to an authentic Mexican restaurant like El Burro in Cape Town’s Green Point, you may have spotted the words aguas frescas upon glancing the menu and subsequently gotten lost in translation.

That’s okay, here’s the skinny: aguas frescas is Spanish for “fresh waters” and is a non-alcoholic beverage traditionally enjoyed with Mexican food. It typically comprises water, fresh fruit (some of which are blended) and a dash of agave to sweeten the deal.

Common flavours in this light, cooling drink include watermelon, mango, pineapple, orange and strawberry, but when you can enjoy each flavour may depend on the season. (The best one that has passed these lips is mixed berries infused with rose geranium, hands down.)

Here are five reasons why I love you, aguas frescas:

You’re refreshing

When the sun parches my lips and turns me into a sea of unsightly sweatiness, you’re the best thing with which to beat the heat. I swear!

You’re affordable

You generally cost anywhere between R20 and R30, so my bank balance thanks you. (Try it at El Burro for only R22).

You play well with others

You take well to a range of flavours, whether tangy, citrusy fruit or even the often loathed banana. Also, you go down a treat with fiery Mexican fare and you counterbalance the spiciness, unlike a glass of water.

You’re considerate and of sober habits (mostly)

You don’t need alcohol to make you exciting and you take teetollers into consideration. But you also don’t judge so you welcome a splash of vodka for the tipplers among us, every now and then.

You’re easy to make

You require no more than a few odds and ends to make you. Depending on the season, perhaps some watermelon, lime juice, cold water and sweetener blended together and served with ice and fresh mint leaves.

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