The easiest way to add a little luxury to your midweek dinners

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The easiest way to add a little luxury to your midweek dinners

Who says wagyu is reserved for fancy restaurants? Now you can make every meal at home feel a bit more special.


Add a bit of luxury to the familiar with Woolworths’ new ground Wagyu beef range. There are patties, frikkadels, mince, boerewors and even bangers – it’s never been easier to shake things up. Be it for a quick midweek pasta, a proper burger or a new braai option, you’ll fall for Wagyu’s unique buttery flavour and endless versatility.

Serving suggestion: Prepare the Wagyu patties according to package instructions. Top with slices of Cheddar cheese and serve on a toasted bun with dollops of mayonnaise, sliced tomatoes and burger sauce. To make the burger sauce, combine
1 T mustard with 1 T mayonnaise and 1 T tomato sauce. Stir in finely chopped gherkins. Serve the Wagyu burger with Woolworths frozen crinkle-cut chips, prepared according to package instructions.

For the bangers: Prepare the bangers according to package instructions. Once cooked, add 2 T butter to the pan and allow to brown. Add 2 T Woolworths onion marmalade to the pan and heat. Serve the bangers with Woolworths rainbow slaw tossed with basil-and-white balsamic dressing.

For the boerewors: Cook the boerewors according to package instructions. Toast 1 packet Woolworths ultimate hotdog rolls in a pan in 1 T butter over a medium heat. Top the boerewors rolls with Woolworths chipotle sauce, sliced jalapeños in smoke-flavoured brine, pickled red onions, salted nacho chips, grated Cheddar and fresh coriander.

For the mince: Fry the mince in 2 T olive oil with 2 T minced onion and 1 t minced garlic. Add 1 x 212 ml jar Woolworths chilli-and-garlic stir-through pasta sauce and season. Toss through a handful of fresh baby spinach and the cooked pasta of your choice.

For the frikkadels: Prepare the frikkadels according to package instructions. Add 3 T Woolworths Asian Chinese BBQ glaze, then cook for 5 minutes until slightly sticky. Serve with baby spinach, baby marrow noodles, petite-herb salad, coriander and spring onion.

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