The monster-milkshake you’ve been waiting for

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The monster-milkshake you’ve been waiting for

It’s the Franken-shake to end all shakes.


If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably come across the freakshake – a milkshake served in a mason jar piled perilously high with an inordinate number of sugary confections. The messy, impractical, but totally tempting dessert-drink hybrid originated last year at Pâztissez Café in Canberra when they started making themed freakshow shakes – from the “Cafiend” with its espresso and salted caramel base and s’more topping, to the “Pretzellâ”, a Nutella shake topped with salty pretzels and vanilla mousse. Social media took hold, and before you know it, the “freakshake” was coined and went sweetly viral.

Ready to make your own? Let’s hit it:

1. Fill a mason jar (or sommer an clean wide-rimmed jam jar) with equal parts vanilla ice cream and mixed berry sorbet.

2. Make a pink icing by combining ¼ cup icing sugar, 1 t warm water and 1 drop of pink food colouring. Generously ice a cinnamon doughnut (don’t be shy, now!).

3. Thread a couple of pink-and-white marshmallows onto a paper straw.

4. Stick the straw into the ice cream, balance the iced dougnut on top, sprinkle with pink sprinkles and white chocolate shavings, then finish it all off with an old-school sherbet lolly.

5. Demolish!

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