The most popular recipes of June 2022

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The most popular recipes of June 2022

Eggs were the top ingredient used, you couldn’t get enough of pie (sweet or savoury) and comfort meals were the name of the game. Here is our monthly wrap-up of the recipes that you loved this June.

We’ve snooped around to find the 10 popular recipes for the month according to our readers. As the weather got cooler, you gravitated toward hearty, warm, ultra-decadent recipes. Haven’t had a chance to sample what we shared this month? Here’s our monthly round-up to get you started.

10. Citrus chicken tray bake with mash

This 6-ingredient recipe lets the oven do all the work. This recipe is so easy, you don’t even have to chop a single thing! Simply roast and enjoy.

Get the recipe for citrus chicken tray bake with mash here. 

9. Mom’s scrambled eggs

Mom’s scrambled eggs

This scrambled eggs recipe takes Khanya back all the way to 1997! This cheesy egg scramble is best enjoyed with bread and lots of tomatoes. Keep it simple with Cheddar or Gouda or splurge and go for Gruyere.

Get the recipe for mom’s scrambled eggs here.

8. Tornado omelette

This recipe has taken social media by storm (pun intended). It’s a popular South Korean street food that’s basically an omelette that’s been twirled using chopsticks while it’s still cooking to resemble a tornado. It’s silky smooth and can be served on rice dishes or enjoyed for breakfast.

Get the recipe for tornado omelette here.

7. Caramelised cabbage pizza

Caramelised cabbage pizza

According to deputy food editor Khanya, this pizza won over a very tough critic: an opinionated teenager. She couldn’t believe that the flavour was all cabbage! Our top tip: if you have veggie-hating kids and teens in the house, this recipe will win them over.

Get the recipe for caramelised cabbage pizza here.

6. Bombay potatoes with chilli eggs

Bombay potatoes with chilli eggs

Before we say “goodbye” to the May/June issue of TASTE, how about making this spicy brunch recipe? TASTE recipe developer and contributor Phillippa Cheifitz shared her inspired weekend brunch combos that become Sunday suppers with the help of a few simple ingredients.

Get the recipe for Bombay potatoes with chilli eggs here.

5. Coffee jelly

This fun, caffeinated dessert can be seen all over TikTok and Instagram’s soothing “café vlogs”. It’s a mash-up of Japanese coffee jelly and Vietnamese coffee that’s usually served with condensed milk. There’s no way these jiggly cubes of coffee won’t put a smile on your face.

Get the recipe for coffee jelly with condensed milk here.

4. Chops chutney


Every week for a year TASTE’s digital editor, Annzra Denita, and her father experimented with tomato chutney and discovered how versatile this dish can be. This year, for Father’s Day, she revisited the recipe and, once you make it, you’ll see why it’s worth making over and over.

Get the recipe for chops chutney here. 

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3. Caramel double-apple pudding

We know winter is in full swing when our readers look for the saucy puds. Opal apples are still in season, so make the most of them by making this dessert. You don’t have to be a pro baker to ace it, watch our video for the simple steps.

Get the recipe for caramel double apple pudding here.

2. Venison biltong-crusted beef pies

biltong crusted pies with chips

Hearty pies are a favourite in winter. This recipe uses biltong in the most unexpected way and the flavour will blow you away! Don’t be intimidated by making pastry from scratch, we use a simple, fail-safe, shortcrust recipe that’s yet to flop. If you want to make this dish extra hearty and comforting, swap the chips for creamy mash. 

Get the recipe for venison biltong-crusted beef pies here.

1. Coffee pecan nut pie

Coffee pecan nut pie

This is pecan nut pie like you’ve never had before!  This nutty, gooey, buttery dessert gets an addition of coffee for all the coffee lovers with a sweet tooth. While it’s traditionally served in the US at Thanksgiving, we reckon our updated coffee version will be perfect for cold weather.

Get the recipe for coffee pecan pie here.

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