The most-viewed recipes in April: your lockdown cooking habits revealed

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The most-viewed recipes in April: your lockdown cooking habits revealed

There’s no doubt about it: Lockdown changed our cooking patterns. There was a whole lot more project cookery, a fair amount of comforting sweet things, and a whole lot of carbs!

1. Cape Malay-style pickled fish

We take comfort from the fact that some things, at least, never change. Pickled fish is always our most popular recipe around Easter, and we’re thrilled that you didn’t let lockdown stop you! If you’ve never made your own pickled fish from scratch, we really can recommend this recipe. Frozen fish works great, too.

Get the recipe for pickled fish

2. Banana loaf

We know the internet has a lot of banana loaves at the moment, but this one might just be the best: the softest crumb, the most delicate flavour!

Get the banana loaf recipe

3. Traditional hot cross buns

Shout out to all the brave bakers who attempted hot cross buns for the first time this year. We hope your efforts were rewarded, and that you didn’t forget to add a crucial ingredient, like our beloved editor. (In her defence, cooking with a three-year old is absolute chaos!)

Get the traditional hot cross buns recipe

4. Homemade ginger beer

This ginger-and-pineapple version by Siba Mtongana is the business! Get started now, and you’ll have it in two-days time.

Get Siba’s recipe for ginger beer

5. All-bran rusks

There’s no doubt about it: winter is in the air, and thanks to our house-bound status, baking rusks suddenly seems like a worthwhile weekend project.

All-bran rusks recipe

Get the All-bran rusks recipe

6. Buttermilk rusks

If you love the classic flavour of Ouma rusks, you’ll love these ones.

Buttermilk rusk recipe

Get the buttermilk rusks recipe

7. Classic chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate chip cookies have been almost as prevalent as banana bread on our Instagram feeds. And why not? They’re easy to make, and satisfy both your chocolate craving and your cookie craving. Winner, winner!

Get the recipe for chocolate chip cookies

8. Two-ingredient pizza bases

If you’ve never made your own pizza bases before, this is the place to start! Self-raising flour and yoghurt come together in a way that is nothing short of miraculous.

Get the recipe for two-ingredient pizza bases

9. Basic pizza dough

If you can get your hands on some yeast, this basic pizza dough is a level-up – but still easy enough to attempt with the kids.

Get the recipe for basic pizza dough

10. Home-baked scones

Scones have a huge place is South African culture, and it’s no surprise that our readers are reaching for this classic, comforting recipe. Whether you serve them with some homemade ginger beer or a cup of Earl Grey tea, they’ll restore your faith in the world for a few moments.

Get the recipe for home-baked scones

11. Traditional malva pudding

If you don’t have sherry, don’t fear – the recipe will work fabulously without it.

Get the traditional malva pudding recipe

12. Double beef burger with smoked cheddar and sriracha mayo

With restaurants closed during lockdown, it’s no surprise that you were making your own burgers.

Get the beef burger recipe

13. Individual malva puddings

This is a fabulous malva pudding recipe – super luscious with enough sauce to avoid any dry spots in the centre of your little puddings. Again, the brandy is not essential. We’ve tested and it’s equally good without!

Individual malva puddings recipe

Get the recipe for individual malva puddings

14. Chicken-and-mushroom ragu pie

Leftover roast chicken becomes something extra special when encased in pastry. This might be our favourite way to use it up.

Get the recipe for chicken-and-mushroom ragu pie

15. Gnocchi with creamy cheese parsley sauce

Over on Instagram, Hannah Lewry demonstrated how to make gnocchi from scratch. But if you’re not brave enough for that, this is a wonderful easy option, using readymade gnocchi.

Get the recipe for gnocchi with creamy cheese parsley sauce

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