The new “it” berry you should add to your shopping list

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Introducing the Florida Pearl® Strawberry. These unusual strawberries have taken social media by storm and now South Africans can hop on the food trend. Wondering what these strawberries taste or smell like and what you can make? Scroll down to learn more.

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Have you spotted pale pink strawberries on your social media feeds? While you might think they’re unripe, they’re not! These berries are called Florida Pearl® Strawberries.  They’re a pale pink-and-white strawberry variety with bright red seeds. This type of strawberry has been popular in Japan for years and can often be seen in aesthetically pleasing bento boxes and pastries in Japanese bakeries.

The texture of Florida Pearl® Strawberries is a little bit softer than red strawberries, and the flavour is characterised by low acidity and a subtle pineapple aroma. Just like regular strawberries, Florida Pearl® Strawberries can be eaten raw. You can snack on these berries, add them to smoothies or desserts and bakes.


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Get the recipe for Florida Pearl® Victoria sponge here.

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