The Ocean Cookbook 2023 has landed: 17 sustainable seafood recipes from around the world

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The Ocean Cookbook 2023 has landed: 17 sustainable seafood recipes from around the world

The Ocean Cookbook 2023 features delicious, feel-good recipes with sustainable seafood by chefs and fishers from around the world. While it has amazing seafood recipes from world-renowned chefs, the story of the Ocean Cookbook 2023 is bigger: sustainable fishing practices are vital for tomorrow’s oceans.

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The ocean NGO responsible for the world’s leading sustainable seafood ecolabel, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), has launched it’s Ocean Cookbook 2023. This free digital cookbook is a collection of 17 delicious, everyday recipes from chefs and fishers from all around the world.

The cookbook signifies a new start and opportunities to take care of our world for future generations. The Marine Stewardship Council Ocean Cookbook 2023 will highlight how easy it is to rustle up affordable, easy-to-make and sustainable seafood dishes at home.

You can expect recipes such as crispy herring rolls from Dutch chef Jadis Schrever, creamy Nordic mussels from Finnish chef Jesper Björkell and coconut hake from South African chef Naledi Toona.

About her simple hake recipe, she says, “Cooking has always been an act of love for me and hake is such a versatile, sustainable and quick-to-cook ingredient. It allows me to show love to my family, today, and to those in the future.”

Find here creamy coconut hake recipe here.

Hungry for more? Support this great initiative by the MSC to create a #BigBlueFuture. Visit the Ocean Cookbook online to find more sustainable seafood recipes from around the world.

Learn more about the MSC and download the FREE cookbook here.

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