The TASTE team picks what they actually want for Valentine’s Day 2020

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The TASTE team picks what they actually want for Valentine's Day 2020

If you’re going to buy into Valentine’s Day, you better do it properly. The TASTE team tells you how.

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is an undeniable part of the human existence, one that comes around every year. Here at TASTE, we’re suckers for a bit of love – and the inevitable chocolate that comes with it. So, here’s what the team is unashamedly professing their love for this Valentine’s day.

“I’d like a giant slice of Abigail’s brownie milk tart. It’s got a glorious, buttery crust which adds a little saltiness to the brownie and brings out its insane chocolateyness. Alternatively, I’ll take one (or two) of Woolies’ giant handcrafted Cutie Pies. They’re exactly as OTT as they sound. ” – Katharine Pope, associate editor
Get the recipe for brownie ‘milk tart’ here.

“Pizza and a creamy mushroom pasta is our default dinner date.” – Alistair Fester, art director

“Single or not, Valentine’s Day is always an excuse for me to drink lots of bubbly and eat lots of chocolate hearts, so these ruby chocolate hearts with MCC filling are just killing two birds with one stone.” – Jess Spiro, acting online editor


“Considering our Valentine’s plans include eating takeaway noodles on the couch while watching Downton Abbey, a chocolate-dipped fortune cookie seems perfectly on-brand for us.” – Michelle Coburn, senior content editor

“I love all things fruity, so a classic Bellini – bubbly with a dash of peach purée – would be first prize. I also love gummy sweets, so Woolies’ strawberry-flavoured gums would be a suitable replacement if my Valentine wasn’t up to the challenge.” – Lynda Ingham-Brown, senior copy editor

Get the recipe for peach Bellinis here.


“I’m a sucker for breakfast, so I’d love to see these banana-and-buttermilk flapjacks on Valentine’s morning, and who can ever say no to a good old Woolies Chuckle? Particularly the ruby chocolate shortcake variety. ” – Siphokazi Tsala, intern

Get the recipe for banana-and-buttermilk flapjacks here.

“I’d like someone to cook me a delicious, crispy pork belly please!” – Abigail Donnelly, food director
Get the recipe for this LemonGold-glazed pork belly here.

“What I’d really like for Valentine’s day is for someone to make me a cup of tea in bed. Ideally with a soetkoekie for dipping.” – Liesl Nicholson, group managing editor

Clockwise, from top right:
Giant handcrafted Cutie Pie
Hand-decorated soetkoekie
Ruby chocolate hearts with MCC filling 
Fortune cookie
Strawberry-flavoured gummy sweets
Shortcake Chuckles in ruby chocolate

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