The TASTE team’s top picks from the May/June Issue

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The TASTE team's top picks from the May/June Issue

When the weather is as chilly as it is in the May/June months, the best thing is a comforting homecooked meal. The latest issue of Woolworth’s TASTE magazine was created with this in mind. It has 62 incredible recipes, so you will definitely find a few new favourites. Not sure where to start? We asked the TASTE team to share their favourite recipes from the issue to inspire you.

Khanya Mzongwana | deputy food editor

“That fish pie DOES look amazing! I’m drawn to Sam Woulidge’s Vietnamese chicken-and-sweet potato curry on page 54, and Hannah’s easy lamb shank pie with mint-and-cucumber yoghurt on page 89 – I can’t pick, they’re both my favourite type of food 😊.”

Martin Jacobs | acting art director

“I’m opting for Abigail Donnelly’s white chocolate-and-mocha millionaire’s shortbread on page 76. Why? I got to taste this when on the shoot, and it was really delicious. While the recipe appears pretty straightforward, I doubt I’ll pull it off with the ease and dexterity of Abi and her team!”

Katharine Pope | head of digital content

“I made – or rather tried to make – Saadiyah Hendricks’ naan khatai on page 103 with my two-and-a-half-year-old. Things were going really well until the toddler knocked a glass onto the floor. And while I was focused on clearing away the immediate danger, he fed the almost complete biscuit dough to the puppy. When asked what he was doing he said “I don’t know…” in a really thoughtful tone of voice.

I got far enough into the recipe to ascertain that it’s a really great, easy biscuit recipe and the idea of a melt-in-the-mouth cardamom biscuit really appeals to me. I SHALL prevail, and make them again, possibly without an assistant next time.”


Abigail Donnelly | food director

Our food director Abigail contributed many epic recipes to this issue, including her indulgent coffee story on page 72, which has 6 incredible cakes and bakes to try. But which recipe piques her interest in the new issue?

“A reader yesterday told me to make Hannah Lewry’s creamy white wine, caper and herb fish pie on page 89, so it’s on the list for Terry (my husband) to make for dinner this week.”

creamy-white-wine caper-and-herb-fish-pie

Lynda Ingham-Brown |chief copy editor

“For me, it’s Hannah’s chicken-and-corn pot pies on page 91. They’re sublime!”

Annzra Denita Naidoo | online editor

“I love a lasagne, but I’m not a big fan of the amount of work that goes into making one. That’s why I was blown away by Khanya Mzongwana’s boerewors lasagne on page 106. It was super-easy to make, the boerewors gave the dish a distinctly South African kick and to quote my friend Petrus who ate it with me, ‘Dis f***** lekker! Net so goed soos my ma s’n, en sy maak die beste lasagne.'”

boerewors lasagne

Chumasande Matiwane | junior writer intern

“I am most excited to try the hot sauce pork with teriyaki Brussels sprouts on page 21 from Abigail’s Dinner Plans story. It looks easy enough to make and I’m excited to try and make it.”

You can get your issue at your local Woolworths, plus it’s available for digital download via and


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The TASTE team is a happy bunch of keen cooks and writers, always on the look out for the next food trend or the next piece of cake.

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