The top 10 recipes you loved in May 2024

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The top 10 recipes you loved in May 2024

Autumn was in full swing in May. Instead of reaching for pumpkin spice, South Africans opted for potatoes, chicken, cheese and chocolate. We’ve rounded the top 10 recipes of the month and the list is packed with nostalgic recipes and show-stopping desserts. Did your favourite recipe make the list?

10. Roast chicken with almond stuffing

There are many ways to roast a chicken and in May we shared this delicious version by Bianca Strydom. The almond-and-wild rice stuffing makes it perfect for Sunday lunch, plus it needs 10 minutes of prep time. It’s no wonder you flocked to this recipe!

Roast chicken with almond stuffing

Find the recipe for roast chicken with almond stuffing here. 

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9. Italian tuna meatball soup

The Woolworths Everyday WList™ great value hub is the gift that keeps on giving. It features dinners under R50 per serving and lunches under R35 per serving. In May, the dish that received the most love from the hub was this Italian tuna meatball soup. It’s a great one to have in the bag for soup season and really easy to make.

Find the recipe for Italian tuna meatball soup here. 

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8. Bacon-wrapped braaibroodjie

It may be autumn but that doesn’t mean South Africans stop braaiing! This bacon-wrapped braaibroodjie by Hannah Lewry got a lot of attention on social media. There was some debate over whether this counts as a braaibroodjie, but everyone agreed that it looks amazing. We can confirm that it is!

Find the recipe for bacon-wrapped braaibroodjie here. 

7. One-pan chicken Florentine

One-pan recipes will forever be top tier! Clem Pedro made a video of this one-pan chicken Florentine recipe by Hannah Lewry as a sneak peek of what you could expect in the May/June issue of TASTE. This recipe was part of Hannah’s autumn veg story that features recipes to help you make the most of your veggie haul.

One-pot wonder creamy spinach-and-chicken florentine

Find the recipe for one-pan chicken Florentine here. 

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6. Samoosa toastie

You get cheese toasties and then you get this beauty. Khanya Mzongwana created this samoosa toastie as a tribute to one of her favourite eateries in Braamfontein called Fateema’s. People salivated over the toasties ( just look at them!), but they also got nostalgic about Fateema’s and started sharing their memories.


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Find the recipe for samoosa toastie here. 

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5. Sticky burnt orange self-saucing pudding

We reckon the best way to celebrate citrus season is with a warm pudding. And you agree! As soon as we shared this swoon-worthy sticky burnt orange self-saucing pudding by Hannah Lewry, you headed straight for the recipe. Hannah serves it with chocolate ice cream and grilled citrus, but you can serve it however you like.

Find the recipe for sticky burnt orange self-saucing pudding here. 

4. Marshmallow fridge tart

A fridge tart may seem like a strange choice in May, but the power of nostalgia trumps the cooler weather. This recipe by Keletso Motau hits all the right notes – you’ll feel the love and memories in every bite.


Find the recipe for marshmallow fridge tart here. 

3. Coffee spekkoek

This coffee spekkoek is an Indonesian layer that takes a bit of effort to make, but Herman Lensing is so charming in the video he clearly convinced many of you to check out the recipe! Making the cake batter is easy, it’s baking the layers that takes time, but the result is a rich, dense cake that Herman describes as a thing of beauty.


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Find the recipe for coffee spekkoek here. 

2. Mieliepap with butter

The power of nostalgia stikes again! This time with something simple but beloved across various cultures in the country. Herman Lensing shares his memories of having pap at hostel when he was young while making this private school version. It’s served with butter, honey and milk infused with cinnamon.

Mieliepap with butter

Find the recipe for mieliepap with butter here.

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1. German potato salad (Kartoffelsalat)

Potato salads are popular in general but when you dive into a different way to make it curiosity and critique shoot through the roof! It’s no wonder that this German potato salad by Emma Nkunzana is the top recipe of the month. Her Austrian husband introduced her family to Kartoffelsalat. There were a lot of questions about this salad, but that didn’t stop you from checking out the recipe to learn more. We love to see it. Sharing and learning about food from different cultures is part of a thriving food community!

German potato salad

Find the recipe for German potato salad here. 

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