The top trending recipes in May

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The top trending recipes in May

Lockdown restrictions may be easing, but recipe searches are still up across the board. Here are 10 of the top recipes that our readers have been cooking in May.

1. Banana loaf

If you thought by now that South Africans were over the banana bread phase, we can confirm that they’re not! Or maybe Clement Pedro’s recipe is just too addictive…

Get the banana loaf recipe

2. Mushroom mac-and-cheese

We’re right with you on this one! As the weather cools down, we’re craving mac-and-cheese. This inspired twist adds pops of umami to the classic recipe thanks to fried portabellini mushrooms. A winner!

Get the mushroom mac-and-cheese recipe

3. Peppermint Crisp tart

This is the classic, no-nonsense recipe for one of our country’s most-loved puddings. No wonder so many of you have bookmarked it!

Get the recipe for Peppermint Crisp pudding

4. Melkkos

This is the original pantry pudding! Add sago or elbow macaroni to bulk it up, if you like.

Get the recipe for melkkos

5. Home-baked scones

These easy scones come out perfectly light. This recipe contains no sugar, so the result – when slathered in jam – is not too sweet, but just right.

Home-baked scones
Home-baked scones
View the recipe here.

Get the recipe for home-baked scones

6. Peanut butter loaf

When it comes to cake, loaf cakes are the top dogs right now! This is another frugal option, if and when you eventually tire of banana bread.

Get the recipe for peanut butter loaf

7. Buttermilk chicken with roast white beans and olives

Chicken recipes are perennially popular. Marinated in buttermilk, this gorgeous one might be our new favourite way to roast chicken.

Buttermilk chicken with roast white beans and olives

Get the recipe for buttermilk chicken with roast white beans and olives

8. Cape Malay chicken biryani casserole

Judging by our stats, this biryani was on a lot of Eid tables in May!

Cape Malay chicken biryani casserole recipe

Get the recipe for Cape Malay chicken biryani casserole

9. Rotis

We suspect that this handy how-to guide was needed during Ramadaan. If you haven’t tried it yet, add it to your weekend challenge list. There are few things as delicious as a hot, buttery naan, straight out of the pan.

How to make rotis

Get the recipe for rotis

10. Oven-toasted ham and cheese sandwiches

Like toasted cheese sarmies, but easier, this recipe lets the oven do all the hard work.

Ham-and-cheese toasted sandwiches

Get the recipe for oven-toasted ham and cheese sandwiches

Honorable mention:

Our most-viewed community recipe last month, with over 2000 views, was Nerissa Govender’s moist golden mielie cake. Well done Nerissa! Get the recipe for mielie cake.

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