The ultimate comfort food menu for Father’s Day

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The ultimate comfort food menu for Father’s Day

Need ideas for how to spoil your dad this Father’s Day? We’ve got the perfect recipes for you!

In some respects, writing a menu for Father’s Day is a difficult task: they’re not all the beer-guzzling biltong eaters of stereotypes! What we do believe, however, is that dads deserve to be spoilt with a meal that feels like an occasion. So here’s our menu for making Dad feel spoilt.

The showstopper starter: Beetroot tarte tatin

Developed by chef Jess Sheppard, this recipe was an iconic dish at The Table at De Meye in Stellenbosch when she ran the kitchen there. Sweet beets, flaky pastry and a dollop of creme fraiche come together to form something greater than the sum of its parts. Dad not a fan of beetroot? How about this easy, cheesy potato tart instead.
Beetroot tarte tatin recipeGet the recipe for beetroot tart tatin here.

The main event: Schwarma-style lamb

Nothing says special occasion quite like a leg of lamb. This one, coated in a schwarma-inspired spice rub and served with wraps and savoury yoghurt has an extra spring in its step. It’s best to marinate the lamb the day before, but in a pinch, an hour will do.
Get the recipe for schwarma-style lamb here.

The standout side: Parmesan polenta potatoes

The lamb dish doesn’t strictly need an extra side, but if we’re honest, our favourite part of any roast is the spuds. These ones get coated in polenta, Parmesan and rosemary for extra crunch and nutty flavour, before being roasted in duck fat.
Get the recipe for Parmesan-and-polenta potatoes here.

The veggie main: Best-ever mascarpone-and-butternut risotto

Yes, many vegetarians are a little sick of risotto (chiefly because it’s often the only option for them on restaurant menus), but this one has got it all: crunchy croutons and almonds, lashings of creamy mascarpone and sweet, roasted butternut.

Get the recipe for mascarpone-and-butternut risotto here.

Cauliflower and pine nut salad

Yes, it’s a tough call to trade cauli cheese for a cauliflower dish that doesn’t involve cheese! But this warm cauliflower is tossed in spices, roasted and served with pops of sweet saltanas and pine nuts. Substitute the pine nuts for another nut if you like.
Get the recipe for cauliflower-and-pine nut salad here.

The comforting pudding: Pinkie’s buttermilk pudding

This recipe is the most-requested pudding of our editor-in-chief’s mom, Pinkie. It’s hot, easy to make, and just the ticket for a winter celebration. Bonus: it comes with some of Kate’s mom’s helpful instructions: “Use your arms like bird wings, not Arnold Schwarzenegger!”
Pinkie's buttermilk puddingGet the recipe for Pinkie’s buttermilk pudding here.


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