The ultimate guacamole + crispy sweet potato ‘nachos’

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The ultimate guacamole + crispy sweet potato 'nachos'

We made the ultimate chunky guacamole with the creamiest Hass avocados and sweet potato ‘nachos’. Scoop it up, now!


Avo’ load of this chunky guacamole

When you’re craving a snack that ticks all the sensory boxes and tastes like, ‘more, please!’ our chunky guacamole and sweet potato ‘nachos’ are the answer. We call it the ultimate guacamole because it is! We made ours with creamy Hass avocados and we’re serving them with these crispy, homemade, sweet potato ‘nachos’. It’s a creamy, crunchy mouthful of yum and we’re here for it.


Find the recipe for chunky guacamole here.

These Hass avocados from Woolworths are dark and thicker-skinned than your average avo with a deliciously nutty flavour. They’re ripe and ready to enjoy.


Shop Hass avocados at Woolworths.


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