The updated Eton mess you haven’t tried yet

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The updated Eton mess you haven't tried yet

In the mood for a picnic dessert – or just breakfast with a bit of flair? Try these delicious Eton mess desserts with a twist, using perfectly sweet Flavourburst™ nectarines.


For the poached nectarines:

1. Make a small cut a small X incision into the pointed end of 6 ripe nectarines. Place 75 g sugar, 1½ cups water, 2 cinnamon sticks and 3 star anise in a saucepan and bring to a boil.
2. Turn off the heat and place the nectarines into the saucepan for 3–5 minutes, or until the skins are easy to remove. Test with a fork to see if the nectarines are tender; the length of time will depend on the ripeness of the fruit.
3. Remove the fruit from the liquid, allow to cool for 1 minute, then peel and set aside. Meanwhile, add 75 g sugar to the liquid, bring to a rapid boil and reduce until syrupy.

For the caramelised nectarines:

1. Place a pan over medium heat. Halve the nectarines and remove the stones.
2. Add 1 T butter and 1½ T Muscovado sugar to the pan. Place the fruit into the pan cut-side down and fry until golden and tender. Remove from the heat.

To serve, add fresh raspberries to individual glass jars or bowls. Add a good dollop of whipped cream or coconut-flavoured yoghurt. Top with pieces of meringue. To make the Eton mess with the poached nectarines, add toasted desiccated coconut, a drizzle of poaching syrup and edible flowers. For the Eton mess with the grilled nectarines, add toasted flaked almonds.

Cook’s note: You could also serve both versions of the nectarines with granola and yoghurt for a slightly less decadent, breakfast-friendly version.

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