There’s more to mince than spag Bol

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There's more to mince than spag Bol

There’s a reason spaghetti Bolognese is a family favourite. It’s quick and easy, and packed with protein and flavour. But mince means more than just Bolognese.

Try it in falafel-style meatballs, chilli con carne or stuffed red peppers. Woolworths’ free-range beef is reared by farmers who are independently audited to ensure that the cattle roam and graze freely, and are never given growth hormones or routine antibiotics. Choose extra lean mince with 5% fat or lean free-range mince with 10% fat for a slightly richer meal

Chilli con carne

Soften 1 chopped red onion and 2 cloves chopped garlic in 2 T olive oil over a low heat for 5 minutes. Increase the heat, add 1 kg Woolworths free-range beef mince and brown. Stir in 50 g chilli con carne spice, then add 2 x 400 g cans tomatoes, 2 T tomato paste and 1 cup beef stock. Simmer for 20 minutes. Add 1 T balsamic vinegar and 1 x 400 g can kidney beans and season to taste. Serve hot with rice, limes for squeezing, chopped red onion, chilli and coriander.


Prepare the mince as above. Stuff into red peppers and roast at 180°C for 30 minutes. Serve with nacho chips.

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