These dairy alternatives are deliciously different

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These dairy alternatives are deliciously different

Try some of these dairy alternatives for a deliciously different snack, or for a new twist to your morning smoothie bowl.


If you’re trying to steer clear of dairy, then we’ve got some good news: the Woolies’ range of dairy alternatives just keeps expanding. On the coconut front, there is now fruit-flavoured cultured coconut, including strawberry-flavoured cultured coconut, and a cultured coconut granadilla smoothie. And how about an iced coffee-flavoured coconut milk, or chocolate-flavoured coconut milk?

The cultured soya range has also grown: choose between the cultured soya strawberry drink, or cultured soya smooth
vanilla in your breakfast bowl. And the cultured soya mixed berry smoothie sounds like just the treat after
your morning run.

The range works perfectly as a substitute for dairy in a host of breakfast dishes. Swop out the regular yoghurt in this beetroot and blueberry smoothie bowl for some fruit-flavoured cultured coconut, for example, and see how it attains new heights. For more information, visit

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