These NEW cheese pots are a game-changer!

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These NEW cheese pots are a game-changer!

These loaded sweet potatoes are the summer braai side you didn’t know you needed. You can go meat-free with feta, mozzarella, seed and herb cheese pots or add smokey chorizo coins and sprinkle the feta, spiced cheddar, and chickpea on top. If you’ve been searching for a potato salad alternative, you’ve found it!

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Not enough people braai potatoes and we want to change that! Take sweet potatoes to the next level with Woolworths’ new cheese pots. These small tubs of crumbled feta come in two flavours: spiced Cheddar with chickpeas and mozzarella, and a delightfully crunchy seed and herb.

Simply microwave the sweet potatoes, then grill over hot coals until slightly charred. We haven’t held back on the cheesy stuffing (and neither should you). You can keep them meat-free or add smoky chorizo for those who eat meat. These sweet potatoes can be served as a side, but they’re filling enough to be a main. One bite and you’ll be addicted.

When you’re not serving these cheese pots with braaied sweet potatoes, you can add them to salads, soups, wraps and roast vegetables. They’re super convenient (the feta is already crumbled) and include a selection of local and imported cheeses. They also contain no salty brine so you can add a tub to your picnic basket or grazing platter without worrying about draining the feta. The mozzarella in the feta, mozzarella, seed and herb pots is a flavour carrier and offers a soft contrast to the texture of the seeds (no nuts are added).


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For those who like a little spice, the feta and spiced Cheddar cubes with chickpeas is a must! You can add pan-fried chorizo coins for a Mediterranean touch, which pairs perfectly with the spiced Cheddar. However, if you prefer your meals meat-free, then these cheese pots still hit the spot!

Get the recipes for loaded braaied potatoes here. 

NEW Woolworths feta cheese pots are a game changer! These small tubs of feta cheese are available in two flavours: spiced Cheddar cubes with chickpeas and mozzarella, medium fat hard cheese with seeds and herbs. Add to picnic baskets and grazing platters or sprinkle into lunchbox wraps and salads. 

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