These recipes will keep the magic of Easter alive during lockdown

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These recipes will keep the magic of Easter alive during lockdown

Make Easter memorable with these pantry-friendly dishes that are perfect for lockdown.

Easter is going be very different this year due to the lockdown, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a celebration. You can still enjoy the day, even if you have to connect with your loved ones through video calls, Zoom parties and phone calls rather than in person. As for the food, here is how to make a smaller, delicious feast for your family or lockdown crew.

The strategy: Make smaller-scale dishes that can be modified and enjoyed after Easter.

Home-made Cape Malay-style pickled fish

It’s not an Easter feast without pickled fish! You can make this a few days before to allow the fish to absorb all the lovely flavours. This dish also lasts a while, so it’s good to have in the fridge when you need a little pick-me-up during lockdown.

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Hot cross bun-stuffed roast chicken

A roast chicken is a classic addition to any celebratory table. The hot cross bun stuffing gives this dish a distinct Easter twist and lets you use hot cross buns for more than just a tea time snack. Any leftover chicken can be used to make sandwiches, chicken salads or chicken noodles. You can also use the carcass to make chicken stock that you can freeze and use for soups, pasta sauces or ramen. Here are some more ideas to use up the leftovers.

hot cross buns

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Lamb shanks with buttery roast fennel and baby carrots

Swap out a big roast lamb for individual shanks to minimise waste. If you don’t have red wine, you can substitute it with red wine vinegar or tomato juice. They have a similar acidity to red wine and will work beautifully. Oh and the fennel is not essential either: any roast veg will work beautifully with this.

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Bacon-and-date roast duck legs on lentils

It’s time to use up all the canned goods in your pantry. This recipe makes use of canned lentils and is a deliciously different type of roast to try. It is also a smaller roast option to add to your smaller festive table. Chicken legs will also work here though, if you aren’t planning a special Easter shopping trip – or are the kind of person who keeps a stock of duck legs in the freezer! If you do have leftovers, add them to some egg-fried rice for lunch the next day.

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Paprika-butter-basted T-bone with coriander cream white beans

If you’ve got access to a braai this Easter, this paprika-butter-basted T-bone takes things to the next level. Rich and bursting with flavour, you’ll definitely feel like celebrating with this meal. And you can make toasted steak sandwiches with the leftovers or a braai pie a la Suzelle DIY!

Paprika-butter-basted t-bone with coriander cream white beans recipe

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Five-bean salad

Speaking of canned food, this scrumptious salad makes use of canned and fresh beans and has an amazing dressing that really elevates the dish. It’s also quick and easy to make so you can focus on the mains.

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Stuffed butternut roast with beetroot quinoa and crunchy chickpeas

This dish could be used as a side, or as a veggie option for a main. You can find most of the ingredients in your pantry, and if you add some feta and microgreens you can transform the leftovers into a salad.


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Crispy balsamic sage potatoes

No feast is complete without roast potatoes and this recipe is sensational. It does make use of duck fat, but you can substitute that with good-quality olive oil to make the dish vegan-friendly. These are delicious hot or cold and the cook recommends adding the leftovers to a charcuterie board that you can enjoy on Family Day.

Crispy balsamic sage potatoes recipe

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Easter bread

Since we all have a little more time on our hands over the long weekend, why not try and make this traditional bread? The dyed eggs set in the bread make it a fun addition to any table.

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Hot cross bun ice-cream sandwiches

Instead of making one big pudding, why not let everyone in the family have their own hot cross bun ice-cream sandwich this Easter? Use that store-bought ice cream that is already in the freezer or make your own. This recipe makes use of toasted hot cross buns, so you don’t have to leave your home to get fresh ones. Slightly stale hot cross buns will be fine once toasted.

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Giant Easter egg skillet cookie

Raid your Easter egg stash and make this incredible giant cookie. The little ones can help make the cookie dough, giving them something to do on the day, and it’s a decadent dessert that will end off your little feast nicely.

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