These saucy frikkadels are our new favourite comfort meal

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These saucy frikkadels are our new favourite comfort meal

This South African twist on meatballs and polenta using Woolworths Angus beef frikkadels is a winter warmer you’re going to make countless times. This comforting dinner comes together in under an hour and is packed with flavour.

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With winter in full swing, we’re in the mood for hearty comfort food – and Woolies’ new Angus beef frikkadels fit the bill perfectly. Made using purebred Angus beef, coarsely ground and lightly spiced, they’re just what your winter menu needs. They’re great on a platter – but why not serve them in a rich tomato sauce with creamy polenta? It’s the ultimate comfort meal.

Serving suggestion:

12 (about 600g) Woolworths Angus beef frikkadels

1 x 600 g sachet Woolworths tomato-and-basil pasta sauce

140 g polenta

2½ cups water

½ –1 cup cream

2 T butter

salt, to taste

Parmesan, for serving

Cooking instructions:

1. Prepare the frikkadels according to package instructions.

2. Heat the pasta sauce in an ovenproof pan, then add the frikkadels and bake at 180°C for 15 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, cook the polenta according to package instructions. When the polenta is fully hydrated, stir through the cream, butter and salt.

4. Serve the frikkadels with the polenta and shaved Parmesan.

Woolworths’ Angus beef frikkadels are made with purebred ground Angus beef using a traditional South African recipe.

Shop at Woolworths.

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