These summery apple tarts are divine and you should make them soon

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These summery apple tarts are divine and you should make them soon

You might think that the apple tart is meant to be enjoyed only in winter – a sweet, starchy confection to eaten steaming hot and drenched in custard? Well, you would be wrong. As evidence, we present you with these two light and summery apple tarts. They’re easy, breezy and delicious.


1. Easy caramel apple and goat’s cheese tarts

We love this savoury take on the classic apple tart. This recipe is absolutely screaming ‘summer entertaining’ and we predict that it will go down very well with a nice and dry glass of bubbles. #justsaying.

Find the recipe for easy caramel apple and goat’s cheese tarts here.

2. Reduced sugar rustic apple tart

With an eye towards all those hazy, lazy summer lunches on the way, you might want to try this rustic apple tart for dessert. The recipe calls for Granny Smith apples, but if you like your apples to be a little less sour and a touch more sweet, try it with JOYA apples instead.

Rustic apple tart

Find the recipe for reduced sugar rustic apple tart here.

apples We love cooking with apples – be it in salads, crunchy slaws or (obviously) baking with them. And then, of course, there’s the simple pleasure of biting into a fresh, crunchy apple for snack time. When it comes to sweetness and crunch, the Joya® apple is right up there.

Their high water content makes them super juicy, which makes it refreshing as well! For more info about this sweet and tangy treat, visit

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