Think outside the box with Woolworths beef biltong

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Think outside the box with Woolworths beef biltong

From rugby games to padkos, it’s no secret that Woolworths biltong is a crowd-pleaser. You can keep it simple and snack on it, straight out of the pack or add beefy and salty goodness to easy frittatas and a grazing board made for sharing. Here’s why we love Woolies beef biltong.

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It’s back to school, back to work and back to reality. While you may have the lunchbox mains sorted, don’t overlook the snacks. Whether it’s for second break or when the midday cravings hit, we’re come up with 2 genius ideas with Woolworths beef biltong that are easy, delicious and will hold you over until you get home.

This mildly spiced biltong has a rich, meaty flavour. To ensure the best quality, we specify the grades of meat based on the age and fattiness of the animal. It makes a brilliant lunchbox addition, adds interest to a fresh salad and is the perfect addition to your snack platter.

Lunchbox saviour: biltong frittatas

Use biltong to up the game on your kid’s lunch boxes with these eggy, biltong frittatas. These little egg cups are great for meal prep, make for excellent snacks and are so easy to prep! Fill up the lunchbox with some more biltong, some nuts and their favourite fruit.  Click here for the biltong frittata recipe.

Time to snack: biltong crackers

Choose between original sliced beef, smoked beef, chilli or Angus sliced and mix and match on your platter. For the ultimate grazing board, spread your favourite crackers with hummus, sour cream and chives, cream cheese and sweet onion relish. Top with biltong and finish off with a sprinkling of micro herbs or up the ante on your board by making your own dip with cream cheese and finely chopped biltong and herbs.

biltong platter

Photographs and video: Sadiqah Assur-Ismail
Recipes and production: Hannah Lewry
Food assistant: Claire-Ellen van Rooyen

All  Woolworths sliced beef biltong is made using a traditional recipe and mildly spiced with coriander, cloves and chilli, and even smoked.  All Woolies beef biltong is halaal. You’re spoiled for choice with the options available in-store or online. 

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