This is what TASTE team actually want for Valentine’s Day 2021

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This is what TASTE team actually want for Valentine’s Day 2021

You can never have too much chocolate or bubbles in your life we say, especially not when Valentine’s Day rolls around. These are the gifts we(secretly) hope we will receive this year.

“I would like to fall face-first into the XL Cutie Pie (can we get these year-round please?).” – Katharine Pope

“I want the big tin with all the Chuckles. For the simple reason that I think there can never be too many Chuckles.” – Jeanne Calitz

“I’ll take the 14-piece chocolate selection. One for each day leading to Valentine’s Day!” – Mogau Seshoene

“I’ll take the Pierre Jourdan bubbly, please. Love fades, but MCC is forever!” – Jess Spiro

“Definitely the strawberries-and-cream heart-shaped lolly.” – Hannah Lewry

“Yes to the collectable pins for my kids!” – Yvette Samaai

“Hopefully, Valentine’s Day will be as perfect as the heart cookie: sweet, satisfying and uncomplicated!” – Lynda Ingham-Brown

“The Simonsig Satin Nectar Cap Classique would be a great surprise, and a good partner to the salted caramel chocolate hearts (more than one box might be needed!)” – Michelle Coburn

Head too to get all these Valentine’s Day gifts and much more. 

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