This lamb crown roast deserves a spot on your Easter table

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This lamb crown roast deserves a spot on your Easter table

Celebrate Easter with a wagyu biltong platter and blow your guests away with a glorious crown lamb roast.

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This year, go all out with your Easter menu. Woolworths’ Best Ever free-range lamb crown roast is French-trimmed to perfection, trussed and finished off with rosemary, garlic and a glaze. All you have to do is roast it according to the easy-to-follow instructions and wait for the applause. While you wait, serve your guests Woolworths’ Wagyu beef biltong and droëwors – a salty snack that’s a teaser for the showstopping mains. And did you know that you can select your own cuts at Woolworths butcher counters and they’ll prepare them for you? It really couldn’t be easier.

Lamb crown roast with vino cotto-roasted grapes

This is your Easter showstopper. If a lamb crown roast seems daunting, don’t let its magnitude fool you. The cooking part is as easy as putting the prepped crown roast on a roasting tray and following the instructions on the packaging to achieve succulent perfection while you prepare the sides. After roasting, the centre is filled with black grapes that have been roasted in vino cotto (a semi-sweet Italian wine) and burnt sage butter. Present the crown roast at the table before carving so guests can marvel at its magnificence.

Get the recipe for lamb crown roast with vino cotto-roasted grapes here.

Wagyu biltong platter

Long weekends are all about snacking, and Woolworths’ Wagyu beef biltong is the star. Its melt-in-your-mouth rich flavour is the perfect accompaniment to creamy dips, sweet fruit and brined ingredients such as olives and caperberries.

Get the recipe for Wagyu biltong platter here.

Photography: Jan Ras
Recipes and Production: Jacqueline Burgess
Food assistant: Lerato Motau

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