Top 10 foods you make on repeat

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Top 10 foods you make on repeat

We all love trying new recipes and experimenting with different foods, but there are always those dishes we keep going back to. We asked the TASTE community to tell us which dishes they make on repeat every month. From staple ingredients you can always rely on, to budget foods that are quick and easy to prepare, here are the foods you can’t stop cooking.

10. Steak

Steak may seem like a pricey item, but when you add it to stir-fries, pies or salads, it can stretch further. Plus, it cooks quickly so you can get dinner ready in a flash. It’s also a great go-to for special occasions like date night at home or birthday dinners.

T-bone steak with atchar-anchovy butter

Find our steak recipe collection here.

9. Curry

Curry is one of those dishes that encompasses many cultures. From South African Indian curries to Thai curries, there are many different types to choose from. It makes sense that it’s one of your favourites. From different varieties that you can make at different price points, curry is definitely a dish you can never tire of.

Vegetable curry with pap

Find our curry recipe collection here. 

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8. Spaghetti Bolognese

This will not be the first time you see pasta on this list, but spag Bol gets a special mention. Not only is it a classic dish, it’s easy on the pocket, perfect for batch-cooking and easily customisable. Plus, you can rework leftover Bolognese sauce in creative ways – sloppy Joes anyone?

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7. Salad

Lunch, dinner, sides, starters, mains, family functions, special occasions – there’s a salad for all of these options. And it’s not just reserved for warmer weather. You can have fresh crunchy salads in summer, and warm roasted salads in winter – the possibilities and combos are endless.

Green salad with chipolatas

Find our salad recipe collection here. 

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6. Mince

There’s no question that mince is the MVP of freezer staples. It’s budget-friendly, great to buy in bulk and there are so many incredible and diverse dishes you can make with it. Plus, whether you need to feed a crowd or are feeling that end-of-month pinch, mince is there to save the day.

baked egg keema

Find our mince recipe collection here. 

5. Roast chicken

Roast chicken is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a go-to for Sunday lunches, and leftovers can be used in salads and sandwiches for lunch. Plus, you can use the carcass to make home-made chicken stock.

Find our roast chicken recipe collection here. 

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4. Rice

Whether you favour parboiled or steamed, rice is a pantry staple superstar. It works as a side for most of the food on this list and can be a meal all on its own (we’re looking at you biryani!). You can also make desserts with rice, which is always a win.

Gochujang brown rice stir-fry

Find our rice recipe collection here. 

3. Fish

Canned, fresh or frozen – these options mean that there’s fish that works for your price point and preference. Fish’s rep for being brain food and a wholesome protein source is no doubt a contributing factor to why this is one of your top foods on repeat.

Poached fish with crispy jacket potatoes

Find our fish recipe collection here. 

2. Chicken

If mince is the old reliable staple in the freezer you turn to in times of need, then chicken is the food you reach for first. Whether you favour breasts, thighs or bone-in portions, there are a million ways to make chicken, and our recipe collection covers a great deal of them!

Chicken-and-radish stew

Find our recipe chicken collection here.

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1. Pasta

We all knew this was coming. Pasta is and always will be the GOAT. It is undoubtedly the best pantry stable. Budget-friendly, easy to make and you can make it as simple or as bougie as you want. We’re sure you have pasta on repeat weekly, not just monthly!

Find our pasta recipe collection here. 

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