The top 10 most popular new recipes in January 2022

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The top 10 most popular new recipes in January 2022

Curious to know what the TASTE community was cooking this month? We’ve rounded up the top 10 new recipes that you loved the most. Spoiler alert: the recipes are more varied than you might think for January!

10. The best boiled egg

Boiling an egg may seem like an easy task but, let’s be honest, most of us are just guessing how long it takes! In a reel, we broke down the exact times needed to boil an egg for every preference, from jammy to picnic-style, so you never have to guess again.

The best boiled egg

Find the recipe for The best-boiled egg here.

9. David Higgs’s ultimate pizza

In a recent TASTETube video, David Higgs taught a masterclass on making the perfect pizza, just like the ones from his popular eatery, Saint, in Joburg. From the secrets to getting the dough just right to why he prefers a pizza bianca, this compelling video got a lot of readers keen on checking out his recipe – despite there being no tomato sauce!

David Higgs’ ultimate pizza

Find the recipe for David Higgs’s ultimate pizza here.

8. Tomato-and-lemon ricotta tart

This dish is so striking, it made the cover of our Jan/Feb issue! We shared the cover recipe to celebrate the release of our new issue, and you loved it as much as we did. While it may look fancy, Abigail Donnelly’s recipe is super easy and is sure to impress.

tomato-and-lemon ricotta tart

Find the recipe for tomato-and-lemon ricotta tart here.

7. Leftover gammon sandwich

We posted a lot of leftover recipes after Christmas, but Khanya Mzongwana’s insane leftover gammon sandwich was the most popular. Inspired by a Reuben, this sandwich had the perfect meat-to-cheese-to-pickle ratio in a golden toasted package. Plus, it’s a versatile recipe – you can use leftover lamb, chicken, beef – whichever roast meat you prefer.

Leftover gammon Reuben sandwich

Find the recipe for left-over gammon sandwich here.

6. Overnight oats with brûléed bananas

You may have had overnight oats before, but you’ve never had oats like these. Hannah Lewry took things to new heights by adding Woolworths’ chocolate peanut butter into the mix and topped it off with bananas brûléed in honey and dalgona coffee. This may even pass as a dessert! Check out the video.

Overnight oats with brûléed bananas

Find the recipe for overnight oats with brûléed bananas here.

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5. No-bake condensed milk tart

No-bake tarts are always appealing. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also super-easy to make! This no-bake condensed milk tart by Abigail Donnelly takes just 35 minutes to prepare and can be made in advance. It’s a win-win!

No-bake condensed milk tart

Find the recipe for no-bake condensed milk tart here

4. Cucumber salad

Surprised that a salad is ranking so high on this list? We were too! To be fair, we did post this in the first week of January when most people needed a break from all the indulgent, festive food they ate in December. And this  salad by Khanya Mzongwana has a refreshing ginger kick to it – just what the doctor ordered!

Cucumber salad
Find the recipe for cucumber salad here.

3. 30-minute coconut hake with cauliflower rice

TASTETube host Keletso Motau created the easiest midweek meal ever and, judging from the comments on his video on our social media channels, lots of people have already added this dish to their regular menu. It’s fragrant, full of flavour and ready in under 30 minutes.

30-minute coconut hake with cauliflower rice

Find the recipe for 30 minute coconut hake with cauliflower rice here.

2. Home-made chilli oil

This reel and recipe was posted in the last week of January, but seeing as it’s a viral TikTok trend, we’re not surprised that it ranked so highly in such a short time. This home-made chilli oil is the perfect condiment for those who love a bit of heat in their food. Splash it over eggs, add a kick to your pizza, or use it to make the best noodles ever.


Find the recipe for Home-made chilli oil here.

1. Classic Cremora tart

One thing we know about our readers is that you love local recipes. Our top recipes always feature many local favourites, from Peppermint Crisp tart to dombolo. So it’s a no-brainer that this classic Cremora tart is the top new recipe for January 2022. With six ingredients and a 20-minute prep time, this dessert is an all-round winner.

Classic Cremora tart

Find the recipe for classic Cremora tart here. 

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    Lois Carol Wessels
    February 1, 2022

    So many fantastic recipes so little time. I would have to choose the chilli oil, closely followed by the Cremora Tart, hake & cauliflower then each one of these superb fautless recipes!