Top 10 recipes in April 2022

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Top 10 recipes in April 2022

With Easter and Ramadan happening, April was a big cooking month. So which recipes were you most interested in making this month? From hot cross buns to slow-cooked lamb (and many sweet treats in-between), here are the most popular recipes for April.

10. Hot cross buns with pickled fish

If you know, you know… This is a combo that you either love or are too nervous to try. But if you do try it, you’ll be rewarded with the best combo of sweet, tangy, spicy flavours! Spoiler alert: this is not the first time that hot cross buns or pickled fish have made our April list!

Hot cross buns with pickled fish 

Find the recipe for hot cross buns with pickled fish here. 

9. Chocolate lager cake with hot cross bun cream-cheese icing

This recipe features the best cream cheese icing you’ll ever taste. What makes it so special? It’s hot cross-bun-flavoured! And it works perfectly with this chocolate cake that incorporates beer into the mix. The carbonation gives the cake an extra lift, making for a truly great texture. We used a non-alcoholic beer, but you can use whichever you prefer – although a stout pairs very well with chocolate flavours.

Chocolate lager cake with hot cross bun cream cheese icing

Find the recipe for chocolate lager cake with hot cross bun cream cheese icing here.

8. Middle Eastern-inspired trifle

Trifle makes any celebration better! This incredible showstopper was part of food blogger Saadiyah Hendricks’s Eid menu this year and, by the looks of things, many of you made it. Infused with rose, cardamom, saffron and pistachio, this recipe takes the classic dessert to new heights.

Middle-Eastern inspired trifle

Find the recipe for Middle Eastern-inspired trifle here. 

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7. Mashed potato doughnuts

These are without a doubt the softest, fluffiest doughnuts you will ever have, thanks to the mashed potato. And before you ask – no, they don’t taste like potatoes. They taste like sugary, chocolatey, deep-fried heaven!

Mashed potato doughnuts

Find the recipe for mashed potato doughnuts here. 

6. Traditional home-made hot cross buns

Sure, you can buy hot cross buns, but it’s much more rewarding to make from scratch. Clearly, many TASTE readers agree!

Traditional homemade hot cross buns

Find the recipe for traditional homemade hot cross buns here. 

5. Slow-cooked leg of lamb

We asked our IG followers what their go-to roast was, and lamb was by far the most popular answer. So it’s no surprise to see a roast lamb recipe on the top 10 recipe list – especially around Easter and Eid when it’s popular on celebration menus. This slow-cooked lamb only needs 20 minutes’ hands-on time, then your oven does the rest of the work. Potatoes are essential.


Find the recipe for slow-cooked leg of lamb here.

4. 3-ingredient lamb pie

This recipe was posted at the end of April, but shot straight into the top five most popular posts. And it’s easy to see why. Not only does this gorgeous pie grace the cover of our May/June issue, but it’s also super-easy to make. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from readers who have already made it. If you’re looking for more comforting pie recipes, pick up a copy of TASTE at your nearest Woolies or get it digitally via and and feast on Hannah Lewry’s one-pot pie story.

3-ingredient lamb pie

Find the recipe for 3-ingredient lamb pie here. 

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3. Individual malva puddings

Is there anything more South African than a malva pudding at a celebration? This is the ultimate malva recipe made the traditional way. It’s also made as individual servings to make you feel extra special. Need extra convincing? There’s a handy how-to video, so you can bake with confidence.

Individual malva puddings recipe

Find the recipe for individual malva puddings here. 

2. Boeber

You know you’ve reached the halfway point of Ramadan when you whip up a saucepan of comforting boeber. Saadiyah Hendricks shared her version of the classic drink, but this recipe can be adapted to your preference when comes to additional flavours and consistency.


Find the recipe for boeber here. 

1. Home-made Cape Malay-style pickled fish

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when Easter comes around, South Africans will have pickled fish! Every year around this time, this pickled fish recipe is the most read recipe of the month. It’s a tried-and-trusted recipe, so it’s no wonder people keep coming back to it again and again.

Find the recipe for home-made Cape Malay-style pickled fish here. 

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