Top 10 recipes in November 2023

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Top 10 recipes in November 2023

Curious to know what the TASTE community was cooking in November? You were drawn to quick-and-easy midweek meals that are easy on the budget. Plus, there were plenty of sweet treats thanks to Diwali! Here are the most popular recipes from last month.

10. Air-fryer gammon

Well, clearly some of you are organised! We asked the TASTE community to tell us what the all-time best Christmas food is on Instagram and gammon was by far the most popular answer. So it makes sense that you’d be looking up gammon recipes so soon. Throw an air-fryer into the mix, plus Abigail Donnelly’s magic touch, and you’ve got yourself a winning recipe!

Air-fryer gammon

Find the recipe for air-fryer gammon here. 

9. Sushi bake

We caved to the pressure and tried our hand at making the viral sushi bake. We loved it, and clearly, you did too! This sushi bake by Hannah Lewry is made using Woolworths’ Asian-inspired fully cooked rice, which saves time and ensures your rice is perfectly done (making steamed rice can be touch and go when you don’t have a rice cooker.) We used canned salmon, but you can also use tuna for a more budget-friendly option.

Find the recipe for sushi bake here. 

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8. Gizzards

Nostalgic, proudly local and easy on the pocket, this gizzards recipe ticks all the right boxes. This recipe comes to us courtesy of Mogau Seshoene, a.k.a. The Lazy Makoti, so you know it’s easy to make!


Find the recipe for gizzards here. 

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7. Kassler chops

This recipe by Hannah Lewry is one of our all-time most popular recipes. So when we shared it in our weekly meal planner in the TASTE newsletter, it’s no surprise that it rocketed into the top 10 recipes for November. It’s ready in 30 minutes flat and is served with sweet potatoes and baby spinach in a delicious mustard dressing.

Kassler chops

Find the recipe for kassler chops here. 

6. Soji balls

The first of three Diwali recipes makes its appearance on the list. Landi Govender’s soji balls are one of the simplest Indian sweetmeats to make. They’re great for beginners who are trying their hand at making Diwali treats for the first time and take just 30 minutes to make.

soji balls

Find the recipe for soji balls here. 

5. Roosterkoek with harissa butter

We’re South Africans; we love a good braai recipe. And when that recipe calls for just 3 ingredients, it’s even better! Clement Pedro’s 3-ingredient roosterkoek recipe shot to number 5 on this list, despite being posted later in the month. Clem also made an irresistible harissa butter to serve it with, but you can eat it with whatever you like.

Roosterkoek with harissa butter

Find the recipe for roosterkoek with harissa butter here. 

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4. Creamy pistachio burfee

Burfee is one of the most beloved Diwali treats, and Tahila Pillay, a.k.a @tahila.daisy, made a dreamy pistachio version. Tahila once worked on the pastry team at The Test Kitchen, and this recipe is the culmination of years of testing. All that hard work paid off, and you got to enjoy it this Diwali.

Creamy pistachio burfee

Find the recipe for creamy pistachio burfee here. 

3. Chana magaj with white chocolate

The final Diwali recipe on the list is another firm favourite – chana magaj! This version by Ishay Govender needs just seven ingredients (five if you omit the chocolate and almonds) but we highly recommend keeping them as they make this chana magaj extra special.

chana magaj

Find the recipe for chana magaj with white chocolate here.

2. JOYA® apple crinkle cake

We took another viral food trend – the crinkle cake – and kicked it up a notch by adding caramelised and spiced JOYA® apples. The best part of this recipe by Brita du Plessis is that it looks really impressive, but is actually super-easy to make. Plus, it’s a great way to use up apples if you bought them in bulk.

Find the recipe for JOYA® apple crinkle cake here. 

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1. Chilli crisp noodles

With the recent bouts of stage five and six loadshedding we get why this recipe by Hannah Lewry was the most popular of the month. It’s ready in just 10 minutes and the only cooking required is making the noodles. So if you have a flask of hot water on stand-by you can make it when the power is off. We had a slew of comments about this recipe on social media. Some people were unsure about adding peanut butter into the mix, but that’s completely optional. Although you may want to try it at least once – it’s delicious!

Chilli crisp noodles

Find the recipe for chilli crisp noodles here. 

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