Top 10 recipes of January 2023

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Top 10 recipes of January 2023

January may be the time when we watch our purse strings more closely, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for sad, boring meals. There are so many great budget-friendly things you can make and the TASTE community really embraced this philosophy. From using freezer staples to making salads and a few sweet treats thrown into the mix, here’s the most popular recipes from January 2023.

10. Microwave frikkadels

This recipe was posted in December as part of the TASTE team sharing their must-have sides at family Christmas. We shared it again in one of our January newsletters and people loved it! Not only can you make these in the microwave (speedy recipes for the win) but you need just 4 ingredients to make them.

Find the recipe for microwave frikkadels here.

9. Air-fryer buttermilk chicken breasts 

Everything air-fryer is trending right now – and it turns out you can even use it to make chicken breasts – and no, they’re not dry! Food director Abigail Donnelly created this recipe for the most succulent chicken breasts. It may require overnight marinating, but it’s worth it.

Air fryer buttermilk chicken breasts

Find the recipe for air-fryer buttermilk chicken breasts here.

8. The ultimate veggie burger

Sad, bland veggie burgers be gone! Deputy food editor Khanya Mzongwana made the ultimate veggie burger patty using grains, mushrooms and sweet potato. This mixture freezes well, so you can make a big batch and save it for when you’re in the mood for it. Plus, you can roll the mixture into little balls to throw into a salad or sub for those days you’re not keen on a burger.


Find the recipe for the ultimate veggie burger here. 

7. Banana muffins

We shared a post on how to use overripe bananas and of all the suggestions we gave, these banana muffins by Jacqueline Burgess were the most popular. And we totally get why. These work for tea-time or brunch treats and are great for lunchboxes.


Find the recipe for banana muffins here.

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6. Corn fritter salad

Not only is this corn fritter salad an excellent lunch, but it also comes in at under R30 per serving! This recipe comes from our Everyday Wlist Great Value hub, which features a host of budget-friendly recipes. These corn fritters are made with cheese and chives, and you can also enjoy them as is if you like.

Find the recipe for corn fritter salad here.

5. Loaded sorghum salad 

Whether you were minimising meatin January or eating more salads to beat the summer heat, we’re so glad you made this colourful salad. Created by Zandile Finxa, Food XX award winner and chef, this salad makes a case for why sorghum is awesome and put us onto Zandile’s #sorghumagenda.

Find the recipe for loaded sorghum salad here.

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4. Bobotie

We posted this on our site in the last week of January, but it shot up the rankings to claim the number 4 spot on this list. We’re not surprised, we know how much you love South African recipes and bobotie is a classic. This recipe is by Cape Malay Cooking’s Fatima Sydow. The only question is will you include the raisins in the dish or not?


Find the recipe for bobotie here.

3. Peanut butter-and-banana baked doughnuts

These baked doughnuts were created by chef Clement Pedro as part of a challenge to pack a lunchbox under R35 per serving. You probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry, plus they make a lovely treat to find in your lunchbox.

Peanut butter-and-banana baked doughnuts

Find the recipe for peanut butter-and-banana baked doughnuts here.

GREAT VALUE: Check our special Everyday Wlist hub for more budget-friendly recipes 

2. Classic crème brûlée

This may seem bougie, but you need just 4 ingredients to make a classic crème brûlée. Contributing food editor Hannah Lewry’s recipe is surprisingly easy to make. The video for this recipe also happens to be our most viral post ever, which may be why it’s so popular, but we do hope many of you tried it and enjoyed the satisfying crack when digging into the dish.

Classic crème brûlée

Find the recipe for classic crème brûlée here. 

1. Pulled butter chicken penne

Budget-friendly, bursting with flavour and big enough to feed 6 to 8 people – this may be the new midweek dinner MVP! This pulled butter chicken recipe also features on the Everyday Wlist Great Value hub, and comes in at under R50 per serving.

Find the recipe for pulled butter chicken penne here.


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