Treat yourself with these luxurious self-care recipes

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Treat yourself with these luxurious self-care recipes

When the going gets tough, the tough treat themselves to a night of self-care and pampering. And while you’re waiting for that face mask to work its magic, why not treat yourself to a bougie meal for one?


The ultimate chicken-and-corn pot pies

Making these individual pies for a crowd might feel like a chore, but making one or two for yourself might be the ultimate act of self-love. Paired with a glass of bubbly and a nourishing face mask, you’ve got yourself a winning formula.
Get the recipe for the ultimate chicken-and-corn pot pies here.

Squid ink pasta and prawns all’amatriciana

Prawns? In this economy? We feel you, but hear us out. If you’re cooking for one, you can downscale this recipe entirely and just buy what you need. Go on, treat yourself.
Squid ink pasta and prawns all'amatricianaGet the recipe for squid ink pasta and prawns all’amatriciana here.

Salmon with leeks

Salmon will forever feel like a splurge but, like the prawns, a single portion won’t set you back too much. Plus, you work hard and you deserve nice things. Might we suggest serving this with a post-bubble bath rom-com?
Salmon-with-leeksGet the recipe for salmon with leeks here.

To finish off the perfect self-care night at home, Woolworths’ home spa range has you covered. It includes body butters, bath salts, bath foam and other indulgent goodies enriched with essential oils, such as orange peel and wild mint and eucalyptus, lavender and bergamot. They’re all you need to treat yourself.

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Shop the range at Woolworths now.


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