4 tips to make the most of your T-bone

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4 tips to make the most of your T-bone

This big, beefy steak offers the best of both worlds: on one side of the bone is a piece of tender fillet; on the other a piece of tasty sirloin.

A T-bone is best simply seasoned, then quickly pan-fried or grilled. Here’s what you’re looking for…


A thick cut is best because you’re going to grill it to form a tasty dark crust with a tender, juicy rare to medium-rare inside. This is impossible with a thin steak, as the inside will be overcooked by the time the outside develops a proper sear.

Try: Paprika-butter-basted t-bone with coriander cream white beans.


Next, you want to check out the amount of marbling, or white intramuscular fat, which adds the big, beefy flavour to the T-bone. There should be a good ratio of marbling to meat.

Try: T-bone steak with buttermilk sauce and chakalaka.


Once you have your perfect T-bone, prep doesn’t need to go any further than salt and pepper. Salt the meat around 40 minutes before cooking it. The salt draws moisture to the surface of the steak, then breaks down the muscle fibres so that the concentrated liquid can be reabsorbed.

Try: Aged t-bone roast with green peppercorn sauce and Yorkshire puddings.


To develop a great sear, you want the highest heat to maximise the crust. Once browned to your liking, the steak should cook over a lower heat (either by raising the grid or removing some of the coals) to an internal temperature of 57°C – check using a meat thermometer – for a medium-rare result. Let the steak rest for a few minutes before you eat.

Try: Parrilla-style aged T-bone with chimichurri and roast red pepper-and-tomato salsa.

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