Try these smoothies for the perfect on-the-go breakfast

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Try these smoothies for the perfect on-the-go breakfast

Just get a load of these two bold and beautiful smoothies – are they not glorious? We think they’re perfect for a power boost breakfast or a snack on the run. Enjoy!


Let’s not beat around the bush – smoothies are the IDEAL way to work some more fruit and veg into your diet and we are really loving these 2 beautiful versions – made all the easier with the handy Smeg kitchenware range that includes a smoothie blender attachment and container. Simply add your ingredients in there, blend, pop on the cap and off you go! Could it be any easier? We think not.

Glowing green smoothie:

In the Smeg smoothie blender attachment, combine a handful of baby spinach with half a ripe avo, 1-2 sliced kiwi fruit (depending on how sweet you want it), a squeeze of fresh lime juice, 2-3 slices of peeled fresh ginger, a few fresh mint leaves and up to ½ cup of coconut water. Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Red berry-and-almond smoothie:

In the blender, combine 4 coconut milk ice cubes (made the evening before) with a splash of almond milk and honey or maple syrup to taste. Blend until smooth and pour in a smoothie bowl. Next, blend 2 small beetroot with 2/3 cup of fresh seasonal berries (raspberries, mulberries and strawberries would work well), ½ t vanilla extract and a splash of water. Swirl into the almond base and add more berries, a scoop of tahini and some Woolworths cinnamon sprinkle for a bit of crunch. Enjoy!


SMEG blender

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