Turn up the beet with prepared beetroot in two new flavour infusions

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Turn up the beet with prepared beetroot in two new flavour infusions

Love beetroot but hate ending up with purple hands after prepping them? Woolies’ prepared beetroot takes care of that problem.


In addition to the already popular classic vinaigrette beetroot, it now comes in two delicious new varieties.

The sweet chilli beetroot is infused in a red wine vinegar and chilli extract dressing, and is the perfect partner to roast chicken and soft cheeses.

The horseradish beetroot, pickled in white wine vinegar and a dash of peppery horseradish, takes roast beef, smoked pork and oily fish to a whole new level.

How’s that for un-beet-able?

Top your choice of steak with Woolies’ horseradish beetroot and a scattering of blue cheese.


Spread a sheet of Woolies’ all-butter puff pastry with onion marmalade and bake until golden. Top with the sweet chilli beetroot, ricotta, pistachios and microgreens.


Serve fresh bocconcini and the classic beetroot in vinaigrette on a watercress salad topped with toasted walnuts.

Learn more at woolworths.co.za

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