Two warm and cheesy ways with biltong

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Two warm and cheesy ways with biltong

Slice your cooking time in half with these tasty ideas with biltong. Flavourful, warm, cheesy and convenient.


Biltong is so much more than a snack

Woolworths’ range of venison biltong is so deep and robust in flavour that it can be used for a whole lot more than snacking. Add it to your favourite soup and baguette combo for a hearty meal on a wintry day. It’s 100% South African, free-range, low in fat and contains no MSG. You can also rest assured that no routine antibiotics or growth stimulants are used.


Serving suggestion

Heat Woolworths’ biltong soup and garnish with a drizzle of olive oil, fresh thyme, fried mushrooms, garlic-and-parsley croutons, and venison biltong slices. To serve, add butter, mozzarella and sliced springbok biltong to Woolworths’ mozzarella-and-thyme ciabatta and heat in the oven until golden.

Feeling for some biltong? Shop the range now at Woolworths.

venison-biltong venison-biltong

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