Un-beet-able beetroot recipes you’ve never tried

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Un-beet-able beetroot recipes you’ve never tried

Roast, blend, juice or bake a cake (yes, we said cake). There are so many things you can do with antioxidant-packed beetroot that beat a boring a side serving.


This year a major food goal would be opting for more low-calorie, high-nutrient ingredients in our meal plans (so we can eat more cake!). Beetroot is one of those versatile, flavourful and highly nutritious ingredients that will make you forget you’re eating healthily. And you can bake a cake with it.

The mash

Shredded lamb shank with beetroot mash and syrup recipe
Cook’s note: To make the beetroot mash, Mix the cream and 3 T beetroot juice (reserve the rest for the beetroot syrup) with the mashed potatoes, taking care to spread the colour evenly. Season with salt and place into a piping bag.

Try the shredded lamb shank with beetroot mash and syrup recipe here.

The cake

Cook’s note: Beetroot and cocoa result in a moist, dark cake and the floral flavours of the frosting finish it off beautifully.

Try the beetroot cake with rose-geranium frosting recipe here.

The tarte tatin

Beetroot tarte tatin recipe
Try the beetroot tarte tatin recipe here.

The yoghurt

Cook’s note: Serve with granola or beetroot salt as a dip or spread. You can replace the maple syrup with raw honey if you prefer.

Try the beetroot set yoghurt recipe here.

The tart

Tear-and-share fig-and-beetroot tartlets recipe
Cook’s note: Forget tear-and-share rolls, these fig-and-beetroot tartlets are their glamourous, far more delicious cousin! Mix and match your toppings with whatever you fancy – our favourites are pear and sage, or goat’s cheese, honey and thyme. Sweet, delicately flavoured in-season figs combined with the robust earthiness of beetroot makes this a lovely starter or side, and the vibrant colour of both ingredients guarantees that it looks as good as it tastes.

Try the tear-and-share fig-and-beetroot tartlets recipe here.

The non-boring side

baba ganoush with roast baby beetroot and almond brittle recipe
Cook’s note: Take this versatile smoky baba ganoush up a few notches with pistachios, almond brittle and the earthy flavour of roast beetroot and serve with roast chicken, turkey or duck.

Try the baba ganoush with roast baby beetroot and almond brittle recipe here.

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Love beetroot but hate ending up with purple hands after prepping them? Woolies’ prepared beetroot takes care of that problem. In addition to the already popular classic vinaigrette beetroot, it now comes in two delicious new varieties. The sweet chilli beetroot is infused in a red wine vinegar and chilli extract dressing, and is the perfect partner to roast chicken and soft cheeses. The horseradish beetroot, pickled in white wine vinegar and a dash of peppery horseradish, takes roast beef, smoked pork and oily fish to a whole new level.

How’s that for un-beet-able?

Discover more ways with Woolies’ beetroot here.

Buy the beetroot online at woolworths.co.za.

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